Reporters season 2 episode 41

The episode starts with richa,kabir and ananya working on a lead.Ananya tries to explain how they can follow up on the lead but richa says “ananya you are not always right,just let me speak”.Ananya feels insulted and look at kabir.Kabir smiles and blinks which assures ananya its okay.Ananya smiles back.

Ananya is thinking about richa when kabircomes and taps her.Ananya says”baadh me baath karenge richa”.kabir turns ananya’s chair around and ananya is shocked to see kabir.Kabir sits down on the other chair and explains to ananya that they will solve richa’s hatred towards them.

During richa’s 8 pm news,ananya does a live interview with mr keshav shirke,the minister of enviroment which richa talks about.When there is a small break,ananya and richa both say sorry to eachother and are relieved.

Richa says to rony that they should only remain best friends and not move the resltionship forward.Ronnie smiles and hugs richa.Before going home,baby and sunny announce their engagement that evening.Everyone is happy.

At the venue,marigolds and orchids are alternstely beautifully placed on the walls and the lights are all lit up.As the main couple,sunmy and baby take their seats,everyone claps.Baby and sunny happily exchange rings.While they are doing so,ananya remembers her engagement and her fight with kabir.Kabir gives her slight jerk on her shoulder and asks her”kya?use ke baarame sochreheho?”.Ananya bluntly smiled and says nevermind.dont let the past affect our future.

As everyone is happily talking after the ceremony,ananya starts to experience pains in her abdomen and is rushed to the hospital.When the doctor gives the report,ananya finds out that she pregnant(6 weeks) with a baby girl.Kabir and ananya are overjoyed and hug

Precap:everyone congratualate them by hosting a party.5 months pass,when ananya’s tummy is quite big and kabir taking care of her.

Credit to: ananya


  1. Reetika

    Ananya, haven’t u mentioned Sunny and Baby’s wedding and Ananya getting pregnant in the earlier episodes?

  2. sally

    haven’t we already established a couple of times that ananya is pregnant …i mn if i am not wrong this is the third time u r telling ppl that ananya has concieved
    And Dear- one can never tell the s*x of the baby beforehand … at least in india as it is illegal..

    • ananya

      Hey preethi.i started writing from last month.i am glad that u have joined telly updates too even though u dont know anything about reporters!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.