Reporters season 2 episode 40


The episode starts with guests flowing into rony’s house for richa and rony’s wedding.Ananya is still struggling to put a pin on her saree while kabir is wearing a gold and red sharvani.Kabir helps ananya to wear the pin when the both have an eyelock.After that,they leave for rony’s wedding.

The wedding dais(rony’s house)is nicely lit up with a lot of marigolds and orchids around.Malvika,manav,baby and sunny welcome ananya and kabir.While baby,malvika and ananya go to check on ananya,sunny,manav and kabir tease rony.Richa is dressed up in a pink ghagra choli with red shiny jewellery.Everyone,especially rony,claps as she enters because of her beauty.After some rituals,when it comes to the mangalsutra tying,rony remembers how RG and shreya kept on trying to attack ananya because of the urge of getting back kabir.Rony drops the nuptial necklace and stands up,shocking everyone especially richa.

When rony explains how he wants no danger to fall on ananya,richa blames ananya for her marrige to break and their 20 year friendship breaks.

When kabir tries to convince rony,richa says “there is no need to convince rony kabir sir.already 50%of my life then was ruined when shreya came back into your life and “killed rony”when he was saving ananya.”that shocks everybody and everybody leaves sadly

Next day at office,richa avoids talking to ananya or anybody because of what happened to her last night.Sad and worried ananya,tries to commit suicide because she thinks that she is a hindrance to everybody’s life, and thats when kabir comes there and saves her.Richa,kabir and ananya are working on a lead the next day at office based on how there a lot of bombings in nations recently.

Precap:Ananya apologises to richa and they both reconcile.

Credit to: ananya

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