Reporters season 2 episode 39

The episode starts with ananya overhearing laxman’s and kabir’s conversation about the lead and ananya getting excited over it because she loves to work on leads.As kabir ends his call with laxman and walks towards the bedroom,ananya quickly rushes towards the bed and acts to sleep.Kabir looks at her and smiles.

The next morning,while ananya and kabir are having breakfast at home because office started late that day,ananya expresses her interest in following the same lead that kabir was disscussing with laxman the previous night.Kabir denies at first but after ananya nags him continously,he has no choice but to give her the lead.

At office,kabir,ananya,sunny,rony,baby and richa are sitting in the cafeteria when ananya finds herself getting dizzy and vomits.After doing this several times in a day,kabir takes her to the clinic,where she finds out that she is pregnant and that too with twins.Kabir says that “now i defenitely cant give u the lead” and makes a face.Ananya and kabir start their usual nok jhok/romance where ananya becomes flirty.

Kabir laughs and asks whether after the child is born,will she remain a flirt.She says that”remember when u confessed your love for me?and i promised u that i would teach you how to love and laugh,i am still doing that”ananya smiles and says.They both share a hearty laugh.

Richa falls into rony’s hands and they both have an eye lock for more than a minute.kabir,ananya,sunny,baby,khalid,malvika and manav clear their throats together and when richa and rony are back into standing position,they all joke that richa should marry rony now and now and laugh.Richa and rony feel embarrassed.Richa and rony invite kkn to their wedding.

Precap:The guests are flowing into rony’s house,while ananya is still trying to pin her saree and kabir helps her.They both have an eyelock

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  1. Nice update.

    1. Guys im gonna rewrite this episode because i have got some feedback from reetika and she says there r some minor not following up with richa and daljeet’s marrige,infact im going to follow ep 38 ans write ep pls understand.thank u

  2. The thing that I pointed out was it would be too early to show Richa and Ronnie’s wedding cuz as such in the last episode, they were engaged in celebration (Kaya anniversary),and reporters can’t be enjoying festival everytime. Pls correct me dolly, avantika, Trishita, ananya and Piyali if I am wrong

    1. I have submitted ep 40,just waiting for it to be published,i have cancelled richa and rony’s marrige in a very indirect way.

  3. Oh great waiting for episode no.40.

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