Reporters season 2 episode 38

As already announced by Khalid a small anniversary party is arranged for kabeer and ananya in kkn itself. All the boys are eagerly waiting for their partners to arrive. In the meantime, ananya is still busy choosing her dress to wear so as to impress kabeer when suddenly she gets her engagement dress which she wore .
At kkn. ………

Richa arrives with a red gown. Ronnie is staring at her while sunny and kabeer nudge him to bring him to senses. Baby then arrives with a lehnga and sunny jokes that if she wants then he can have their engagement done there itself. ……. Then baby tells him that “lekin sunny ji ring ka kya hoga? “.Then Ronnie assures her that he has had made arrangements for the rings and that they will be brought by ananya. Baby blushes. Kabeer then starts wondering but where is she? He is just about to call her when she arrives at the door with the peach golden lehnga and a bun with flowers. Kabeer is awestruck. He sees her adoringly and ananya comes close to him and he is about to kiss her when she passes away and gives the rings to sunny and baby. Kabeer tells her that she is still the same. Ananya replies that she always will be.
Later Malvika and Manav arrive arm in arm followed by Kl. Then the peon brings in the cake and just as kabeer is about to cut it ananya stops him and says that first they should do the engagement of sunny and baby. Kabeer agrees. Both sunny and baby exchange their rings and they hug kabeer and ananya.

Then they cut the cake and all start dancing with their partners and Khalid and kl stand aside enjoying their performances. Later while returning home ananya feels pain in her stomach and kabeer rushes her to the hospital and informs the others as well as Anita and Armaan .
They reach and see kabeer pacing up and down while the doctor is checking ananya. Ronnie tells kabeer not to worry and that everything would be fine. The doctor comes out and says that Ananya and the baby both are okay but she should not do heavy jobs and not take stress. She should come for regular check ups as well.

They all go to meet her and Ronnie jokingly tells “wo khud toh stress leti hi hai aur kabeer ko bhi stress mein dal deti hai”. They all start laughing .kabeer then tells her that from tomorrow she will do only paperwork and computer jobs and until she is okay she ‘ll not cover any story .Ananya resists but even manav and Khalid ask her to take rest and finally she agrees. Kabeer takes her home.

At night kabeer gets a call from laxman and he goes out to attend the it. He informs him about a gang involved in kidnapping children from Delhi and making them work in factories and mines. It is overheard by ananya and she is determined to work on it as it is a human interest story.She hurries off to the bed as she sees kabeer coming.

Precap :
The next day ananya requests kabeer to give her the lead but kabeer refuses as it is dangerous. But when ananya insists, kabeer finally has to agree. ….

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