Reporters season 2 episode 37


The episode starts with daljeet getting anxious over hiding the truth from ananya but decides to tell her there and then.When daljeet goes up to ananya and removes his mustaché and beard,ananya is shocked to see rony.To avoid a heated argument,rony explains that he wanted shreya and RG to be jailed and ananya’s father to get justice.When ananya questions him over what the doctor said and his final rites,he said that he paid the doctor a sufficent amount of money that he was satisfied.For the final rites he said that was just a dummy.

Half dumbstruck ananya,asks rony what his mother’s reaction was.Rony says that his mother almost fainted when he returned home with just scars.When I requested to go back to KKN to work with my friends especislly richa,she suggested to go as a disguise under the name of daljeet.”That’s why I rushed to propose to richa because when I “died”,i had promised her i would marry her.Ananya beats rony for leaving her and hugs him.

Kabir and richa,who are watching the scenario from different places,smile and continue doing their work.When ananya goes to kabir’s cabin,ananya becomes her flirty character and their sweet fight/romance start.

Kabir gives a call to ananya’s mom,to tell her the truth and how ananya is okay now,
when mrs kashyap hears the truth,she becomes overjoyed and tells ananya’s grandmother.Ananya,now her normal self,starts working amongst her friends and now ronnie and not daljeet.

Kabir,ananya,baby,sunny,ronnie and richa are sitting at the cafeteria.Kabir,who thinks he is sitting next to ananya,tries to grab her hand from underneath the table,but after he grabs it,richa laughs and kabir leaves her hand and feels embarrased.They all share a hearty laugh.

Kabir assigns a lead to ananya based on how the ministers have to stop deciding to destroy nature by killings wildlife reserved animals and buliding either a park or a con**minum there where they can get a big profit.Following up from that,kabir does an interview with one of the ministers which is as usual succsessful.

Its kabir and ananya’s first year anniversary and khalid decides to host a party at KKN.At the venue of the party,everyone is happily talking to eachother when each girl makes an entry with a beautiful dress

Precap:Kabir sees ananya and stares at her and her beautiful pink and gold dress.Ananya blushes

Credit to: ananya

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  1. I hope u like this guys.

  2. Ananya it was a good start. …….lekin thoda aur details mein likhne ki koshis karna. …and the length is otherwise okay. …….. Matlab thoda aur clearly likhna. ..okay? ??
    Please don’t mind … main kuch zyada bol rahi hun

    1. I understand trishita,but..what do u mean by lines thodi clear likna?

  3. Ananya I have just submitted an article about the next episode …so please read it and comment on it. …… was my first time so I am not sure how I was. any suggestions u can tell me

    1. Trishita if u dont mind,i would like to continue my ff.u have submitted an article for ep 38,but i would like to continue from ep 39.pls dont mind.

  4. Yeah of course. ….I just wanted to try writing once. …it’s alright. ….plz continue

  5. Actually I meant that ek hi topic ko thoda details mein likhne ki koshis karna. …jise logo ko padne me maza aaye. ..okay?

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