Reporters season 2 episode 36


The episode starts with richa leaving ananya’s house after worrying about revealing rony being alive.Ananya wonders why richa left abruptly but continues her work.

Next day at work,daljeet aka rony,goes to ananya’s table to ask whether she can come to his house after work.ananya is puzzled but agrees.When ananya goes to daljeet’s house,daljeet closes all the windows and doors(not locked) and is about to tell ananya his truth by removing his beard and moustache but just before he is about to do so,he is disturbed by richa and kabir who barge in.Richa and kabir try to divert ananya’s attention to somehwere else while ananya starts to suspect about kabir and richa’s behaviour

When she goes to confront kabir about the incident which took place in daljeet’s house the previous night in office the next day,kabir avoids the topic by giving her a lead.Ananya works on her lead which is based on how young orphaned girls have been compelled to marry at the age of 16 just to take care of their siblings while kabir does his 9 pm news based on how there is a lack of water in some villagers and the government is not doing anything about it.

Daljeet aka rony says that he cant hide anymore from ananya and he is going to tell the truth

Credit to: ananya

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  1. Ananya in which class are u

    1. 7 th grade

      1. Wow.. Ananya u have a great imagination fr a 7th grader! keep up the good work! đŸ™‚

      2. just try writing in a little sorted manner and write a little longer ff

  2. Aur yeh wala bohot chhota tha. …….matlab 30mins ke liye aur thoda bara krna epi ko plz okay?

    1. Okay sure.

  3. Good story but this update is not clear
    Some confused.

    1. Sorry piyali.from ur comments,all of ur comments,i will try to improve my writing.i have submitted my article for ep 37,they just have to approve it and publish it.i hope ur okay wif that length and plot.

  4. its ok ananya and I am sure day by day u will improve!!!

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