Reporters season 2 episode 35


Richa happily hugs Ronnie after listening to his tale. Ronnie then says, ‘Shall we have dinner? I am terribly hungry’. Richa replies, ‘Sure, but at least put this beard on ur face’. Ronnie smiles and puts it on his face. Manav starts his show where he portrays how child labor is still prevailing in remote areas. He speaks on how the reporters of kkn took it upon themselves to educate them, and their families who plunge them into doing this. He goes on explaining how we as Indians need to change our perspective of living and implement on our laws. Thousands of laws can be made, but they become a law when people abide by it. Baby, Sunny, Malvika, Kabir and Khalid start praising Manav. Khalid says, ‘I never knew that Manav could do this. He’s terrific. What a sensitive topic to highlight. What say Kabir?’. Kabir replies, ‘Yes Khalid, Manav has indeed improved, much more than me’. Malvika comments, ‘C’ mon Kabir,its not so. Even ur news are terrific’. Kabir says, ‘I’ll leave now, Ananya is at home. MA and dadiji must be preparing to leave’. Malvika replies, ‘Alright Kabir. Do inform us about Ananya’s condition’. Kabir says, ‘I will’.
Richa and Ronnie are having dinner im the dhaba. Richa says, ‘So, I think u should inform Ananya soon. U saw what Ananya was doing, right?’. Ronnie replies, ‘True. Pata nahi woh pagal ladki aur kya kar baithegi. I’ll have to tell her soon about it’. Richa says, ‘By the way, u r a good actor, I must say. Everyone, including me, thought u were dead. How did ur mom first react on seeing u after antim-sanskar?’. Ronnie replies, ‘I was coming to that. At first, my mom fainted. Later when she regained consciousness, she asked who are u in my son’s disguise? I said, I am ur son, and then narrated her everything. After listening to everything, she slapped me and then later hugged me, saying, If u do this again I will not allow u to enter this house’. Richa starts laughing. Then she continues, ‘Really. U deserved that’. Richa and Ronnie have their dinner and Ronnie drops Richa home. Richa, on reaching home, says, ‘Thank God u r alive’. Ronnie says, ‘But u were ready to marry someone else unless I would have told u about myself’. Richa keeps her hands on his shoulders and says, ‘I know that you keep promises. And can, God listened to me and in Daljeet, I found Ronnie’. Ronnie smiles and replies, ‘I never realized that I had come so close to u in these days. I started to fall for u without me knowing about it. Isn’t it funny?’. Richa says, ‘That’s how love happens. No one know about it. It happens by itself’. Ronnie gives her a peck and says, ‘So shall I leave? Good night’. Richa replies, ‘Good night’.

Kabir reaches home. Anita, dadi, Ananya and Arman are busy watching the photo album. Kabir goes near them and asks, ‘What’s up? Photo album?’. Anita replies, ‘These are Ananya’s And Arman’s photos when they were young. Kabir asks,’ Can I see it? ‘. Anita passes on the album and there are cute photos of Ananya and Arman. Kabir comments,’ Oh! There’s so much difference in young Ananya and old Ananya ‘. Ananya replies,’Which phase of Ananya do u like?’. Kabir smiles and replies, ‘Both’. Arman coughs sarcastically. Ananya eyes him. Dadi says, ‘How was ur day Kabir?’. He replies, ‘It was nice but incomplete’. Kabir looks at Ananya and smiles. Anita says, ‘Achha beta, now we’ll leave. Take care of yourself’. Ananya says, ‘Y r u leaving now MA?’. Anita replies, ‘I will give u both some privacy. I have to prepare dinner for ur dadi and Arman’. They all leave. Ananya shuts the door and says, ‘U r a big flirt. U don’t stop flirting even before my mom and dadi’. Kabir replies, ‘For flirting with u, I don’t require any time or place’. Kabir goes near her and carries her in his hands and Ananya starts laughing and crying happily.

Richa comes to Ananya’s place. Ananya welcomes her and says, ‘I was missing you yesterday. I have so much to share with u. U know dadi and my mom came yesterday. We were seeing albums and reminiscing my childhood days. U know Ronnie and I met each other in college. We had such a great friendship….’. She goes on saying about Ronnie when Richa starts feeling bad for Ananya. She decides to tell her the truth and is about to say when Kabir shouts, ‘Ananya, where is my wallet?’. Ananya says, ‘These are the problems of married life. He himself must have kept it somewhere’. Ananya gets up and starts to walk in that direction. Richa wipes the sweat on her face and leaves without informing

Precap: Ronnie aka Daljeet comes to Ananya’s house with Ananya. She is curious to know about his secret. He closes the windows and doors and starts..

Credit to: Reetika

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