Reporters season 2 episode 34


Manav starts his conference meeting. He announces, ‘Sorry guys, Ananya is not here as we all know what’s happened. But the work can’t stop. It has to go on. Though we pray Ananya gets well soon’. Richa looks straight at Daljeet who tries to avoid her gaze. Manav asks Richa, ‘What news r u covering for tonight?’. Richa replies, ‘There is water shortage in outskirts of our city where people face lot of hardships. I am covering the interview of the municipal corporate who clearly says that the villagers r lying’. Manav says, ‘That’s gr8. Once again a human interest story. That’s putting up our channel at no. 1. Kabir what r u gonna cover for tonight?’. Kabir says, ‘As u know, a new education minister has been elected. I’ll cover his interview’. Manav agrees and says, ‘Well, my show today will cover something different. That’s a surprise for all of u. Mr. Kailash also agreed to it’. Malvika says, ‘But Manav, we should at least know what news u r covering accordingly we’ ll have to run the promos ‘. Manav replies,’ I have already informed Daljeet what he is supposed to do. It’s a surprise to him too’. Everyone prepares to leave. Kabir calls Ananya, ‘How r u dear?’. Ananya replies, ‘I am fine from yesterday. But u forced me to stay at home’. Kabir asks, ‘So u r not enjoying with ur mom and dadi?’. Ananya replies, ‘No no, it’s not like that. But my life is of a reporter and I am always prepared for it’. Kabir says, ‘That’s like my wife. But for today, u have to rest. Tomorrow u will b a reporter again, okay?’. Ananya agrees and says, ‘I love you’. Kabir replies the same and hangs up the call.

Richa is ignoring Daljeet whenever he goes
near her. Seeing this, Sunny asks Baby, ‘Babyji, I think Richa has again started her drama. Now she’s not talking to Daljeet. Baby replies,’ It is a matter of their concern. We should not interfere
in it’. Sunny replies, ‘You are right but they r our friends. It’s our duty to help them out’. Baby says, ‘Sunnyji, unless they don’t ask us for help
we should better not comment. Maybe it might

not be what we r assuming. Maybe Richa is trying to focus on her show so she is avoiding Daljeet. Everyone is not free like u’. Sunny replies, ‘U think like this about me? Maine toh
baat hi nahi karni aap se’. Sunny leaves

Richa is browsing on computer when Daljeet sits next to her seat. Richa ignores him.
Daljeet shuts the PC and Richa angrily looks at him and says, ‘What’s ur problem? Y r u doing this?’. Daljeet replies, ‘From so long I am trying to talk to u but u r simply ignoring me. Can u at least tell me what I did?’. Richa replies, ‘That u ought to know. Don’t disturb me. I am busy right now. I am going to meet ur mother tonight. Be ready’. Daljeet replies, ‘Y do u want to meet her?’. Richa says, ‘Y u don’t want me to meet her?’. Daljeet does not reply and Richa angrily leaves, taking papers in her hand. She goes to Manav sir’s cabin and informs him, ‘Sir, I have placed an appointment for an interview with Mr. Duggal who is the municipal corporate. In one hour, I’ll leave with Sunny and cover the footage’. Manav says, ‘Gr8. As u cover it, let me too know’. Richa replies, ‘OK sir’ and leaves.

Richa presents her news. In the green room, Daljeet enters. On seeing him she says, ‘I hope u have made the arrangements. I am going to meet ur mother tonight itself’. Daljeet says, ‘Yes of course’. Kabir enters and says to Richa, ‘Ur show was awesome today. I can’t believe our reporters have progressed so much’. Richa thanks him. Kabir says, ‘Achha by the way, Ananya wanted to talk to u. I don’t know Y. U can come in my car, as such I will leave after 1 and half hour’. Richa replies, ‘Oh no sir! I’ ll meet Ananya tomorrow. Today, I’ve to meet Daljeet’s mother. Is it something urgent? ‘. Kabir replies,’ No no. U can come tomorrow. Ok, I’ll take ur leave. Bye ‘.
Richa and Daljeet are in the car. Daljeet spots one dhaba at the end and says to Richa,’ Can we just take a break? I am thirsty ‘. Richa nods and Daljeet parks his car next to the dhaba and asks the person their to get him

some water. Daljeet says,’ Can we have a seat? ‘. Richa says,’Yes’. They have a seat. Daljeet drinks water and starts thinking. Richa looking at him asks, ‘What’s wrong with u? Hurry up. U
take so long to drink a glass of water?’. Daljeet gets angry. He says, ‘Now that’s it’. He takes Richa’s hand and takes her outside the dhaba and puts her on the wall and says, ‘U want to k
of the truth? Well then, I am not Daljeet’. Daljeet
slowly removes the mustache and beard on his face. Richa is shocked. He continues, ‘I am Ronnie’. Richa, on finding her voice, says, ‘So I
was right. But.. But how? U were dead? That

accident, hospital, antim sanskar? What was that?. Ronnie replies,’ Look, I pretended to b dead so that Shreya and RG get a life time jail
otherwise they would have fed a huge sum of
money to the judges and police and would have gotten free. I wanted to admit my trueself the day Shreya and RG were arrested but then I got
to know from my khabri that the game is not

over. Someone is still trying to attack Ananya.
That day when Ananya was trying to do suicide,
she thought she climbed up the fence, but
someone pushed her and before she could fall
the other side Kabir saved her. That burglar who
tried to kidnap Ananya and had diamond necklace was actually not a burglar. He was
sent by someone to act like he was stealing to
kidnap Ananya. When I left the hospital in the
middle of conversation, I could not c Ananya in
that condition. I was angry. I left to find out. The
house where that thief pretended to steal was
locked since 8years. No one lived there’. Richa
replies, ‘So Y didn’t u tell me?’. Ronnie said, ‘I was scared. The khabri of that person are
everywhere’. Richa argues, ‘U could have told us
in private. Didn’t u c what Ananya was doing?
Do u have any idea what she is going through? Wait a minute. Then who was the one whose body we burnt?’. Ronnie says, ‘It was a dummy
of my mask. I know a friend who makes such
masks. And that day when I was saving Ananya, I was hit, but I did not die. I requested the doc to lie for me’. Richa angrily shoves him and tells
him, ‘U have any idea how much pain we

How much your mom suffered?’. Ronnie says, ‘When u all burnt my so-called body, I went to my mom and told her the truth’. Richa replies, ‘Y couldn’t u say it to Ananya?’.
Ronnie says, ‘I know whoever is behind her killing is keeping a close watch on her. If I tell her the truth then that person would come to know too. But know, I have to come out. To
make u believe. I love you Richa. And today, I trust you. I know that u will not tell anything to anyone unless I tell u too. Okay? ‘. Rich replies,’
Okay. But when will u inform Ananya? ‘. Ronnie
says,’ When time comes’.

Precap: Richa meets Ananya. Ananya goes on explaining her day with her dadi and share incidents of her with Ronnie and how well her dadi explained her. Richa decides to tell Ananya the truth just when…

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Yeah…u brought back ronnie!thank u reetika!

    1. My pleasure Ananya ??

      1. Sorry Ananya I had to take a sudden leave from u. Hope u succeed in ur life and achieve milestones of success!!

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    1. Thanks Trishita

  4. I do hope that in season 2 of reporters we get to c Ronnie. What say?

  5. Of course. ……….. But until season 2 of reporters arrives please continue with your ffs

  6. Aur jaldi aj ki episode dalo plz plz waiting for it

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