Reporters season 2 episode 33

Malvika and Manav are consoling Kabir who is crying. Richa, Daljeet, Sunny and Baby are standing and weeping sadly. Soon, Anita and dadi comes and on seeing Kabir, Anita asks him, ‘What happened to my daughter? How did all this happen? Who did this to her? U were there with her then how did this happen? Huh? Answer me!!’. Ananya’s mom starts crying. Dadi asks him, ‘Answer beta’. Kabir narrates the sequence of stories that happened. Soon doctor

I comes out and announces, ‘Ananya is safe. U all can meet her. But make sure u all don’t give her any stress. It can affect her health’. All of them enter inside the O. P.T. Dadi looks at Ananya and does not say anything. Kabir goes near Ananya and sits next to her. On her other side, Anita and Dadi sits. Others surround Ananya’s bed. Kabir calls out, ‘Ananya, pls get up. It’s 3 hrs since u r lying asleep. Pls say something’. Anita then continues, ‘We are all worried about you. Pls get up dear’. Slowly, Ananya’s eyes open and she looks around. Kabir asks her, ‘R u alright?’. Ananya replies, ‘I am fine’. Anita asks her, ‘Dear how did this happen to u?’. Ananya starts reminiscing the incident where she hit the rock and says, ‘When I was running, I saw a rock of the size similar to that previous rock on which Ronnie hit himself. I thought I saw him sitting on it and I lost my balance..’.

Daljeet leaves the room. All start looking at the door and Richa starts wondering why Daljeet went away in the middle of the conversation. Kabir says, ‘Gosh Ananya! How long are you going to hurt urself for him? Don’t you remember what Ronnie said before he left us? He said he wants to see u happy, forever. And this is what you give him as a punishment?’. Dadi says, ‘I request all of u to leave Ananya with me. I want to talk to her personally. Please cooperate’. Anita says, ‘Can I be there next to her?’. Dadi replies, ‘No pls. I want some privacy with her. Please. It’s a sincere request’. All of them start walking out.

Dadi then takes Ananya’s hand and sees the lines on her hands. She says, ‘The lines on your hand resembles your father. I was told that the one who is very close to you, u will find his name or his name’s starting letter on your hand. And looking at your hand I can say it’s R and not K. I know it’s difficult to forget someone who is very special to u, who has made u feel special as a friend. Ur grandfather was my only friend. When he left me, I was pretty sad and alone. But I never acted like you. I used to say to myself,’ He’s here. In me. I have to move ahead. I can’t let my past affect the future or present. One day I will go to him, and share about all the things that I experienced with my loveliest

granddaughter which he could not’. Ananya says, ‘I got it Dadi. U have once again proved that no one can replace you. When I was small,

u used to explain me and I would listen only to u
and follow ur advice. I won’t do this nonsense again, I promise’. Everyone outside are wondering what’s happening inside. Kabir worriedly asks Anita, ‘Can I go in? It’s long since
they are in’. Anita holds him back by his shoulder and says, ‘Don’t do so. Ananya is pretty stubborn. She won’t listen to the world
but listen to her grandmother. I am sure this
time maji must have explained her so well that she will never do anything of this thing again’. Kabir nods. Moments later, Dadi comes out.
Kabir signs the papers and takes Ananya

home. She has a plaster on her left hand a stich on her head. Kabir prepares dinner for Ananya.
She drinks the soup and haves some salad
when Kabir says, ‘I was so tensed. I thought
something happened to u. Ur mom literally squealed at me as though it was all my fault’. Ananya replies, ‘I am sorry Kabir. I never thought this would happen. I am fine now. I
won’t stay at home. I’ll come to office tomorrow’. Kabir disagrees and says, ‘This time I won’t listen to u. Doctor has asked for bedrest.
No tensions. I’ll manage everything there’.
Ananya reluctantly says, ‘No no. What will I do at home?’. Kabir replies, ‘I’ll call ur mother, Dadi and Arman here. They will make you feel better.
There’s tv for entertainment. Okay?’. Ananya agrees.

Kabir reaches office and sees Daljeet and goes near him and asks, ‘Where were you? U
left in the middle’. Daljeet remains silent for a moment and replies, ‘Actually mom called me urgently so I had to leave. How’s Ananya?’. Kabir replies, ‘”She’s fine now. Doc has asked
her to rest so she is at home now. Her mom,dadiji and Arman are also there’. Daljeet says, ‘Ic…’. Kabir leaves. Richa enters and hits Daljeet on his shoulders and says, ‘What’s wrong with you? U abruptly left all of us. Something is wrong about you. I’ve been noticing you since many days but today u got to tell me what the truth is’. Daljeet replies, ‘What are you talking about? Nothing is wrong with me. My mom urgently called me so I had to go’. Richa says, ‘I want to meet ur mother. No excuse this time’. Daljeet is about to say something to her when the peon comes and announces the staff, ‘Manav sir has called all of u for a conference meeting in 10 mins’. Richa leaves and Daljeet starts thinking out loud, ‘Maybe it’s time’.

Precap: Daljeet puts Richa on the wall and going near her says, ‘You want to know the truth, right? Well I am not Daljeet…

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  1. Whatttttt?what is the precap saying?who is daljeet?r u bringing back ronnie?

  2. Yup as Trishita said. But I don’t know what reason I can give for Ronnie’s secret identity as Daljeet.

  3. Ohhhhh thank you so much for bringing back Ronnie reetika di. ………… Thank you

    1. Wlcm ?

  4. u can give the reason like…kabir and Ronnie wanted to expose shreya so they did this…or like…while saving ananya Ronnie get badly injured and he fell to somewhere else and someone saved him after that he had gone to coma and then when he came he saw that everyone thought him as dead and also he saw his death certificate so he was left with no option then to change his identity

    1. Thanks dolly for ur valuable suggestions

  5. guys its just my suggestion if its not good then no need to consider it!!!

  6. In which class u r in trishita

  7. I agree woth dolly…the reason can be like this!!!

    1. Thanks avantika. Dolly gave me a wonderful suggestion. I’ll surely use it

  8. I’m in class nine now. ….final exams are from 15th Feb

    1. Oh really? Well u r just one year younger than me. I am in 10th. So u can call me reetika if u want. All the best for your exams!

  9. thanks reetika…and how is ur studies going on…I am too having boards yaar!!!

    1. Ohh! Gr8! I complete my study in one day and write plot on the other day. I noe how much important boards r. All the best to u!!

      1. I feel im the youngest one

      2. ??ananya

  10. Della I am so sorry that without ur permission I continued ur ff. No one can match ur stories. I know u might not understand the Hindi dialogues that come in between. If I have hurt u, then pls let me know.

  11. episodes thode se bilkul thode se jaldi post kar diya kijiye

    1. Anshara, my prelims are on the way. So I somehow complete studies and write plot on the next day. So..

  12. reetika which serials are in ur favorite list from star plus…do u like siya ke ram!!!

    1. I love reporters. So I never watched other serials. And now I don’t have cable connection, so I can’t watch any other serials

  13. Nahi mujhe aapko reetika di bulane me zyada achha lagta hai

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