Reporters season 2 episode 32


Mr. Kailash Satyarthi enters and everyone there rushes towards him for his autograph. Baby reaches to him for autograph and says ‘Sir it’s an honor to meet you after all you have done for the welfare of children in this society. I read your books daily. I am an ardent follower of you. I simply can’t believe that I met you’. Richa greets him with a bouquet of flowers saying, ‘Welcome to kkn sir. Khalid sir and Malvika mam wait for you. This way, sir’. He walks the stairs and reaches Khalid’s cabin. Khalid says, ‘Oh! It’s such a pleasure to meet you’. Khalid hugs him. Malvika says, ‘Welcome sir. Hope that we did not fall short in greeting you properly?’. Kailash says, ‘Oh no! U all have a lovely staff. I am really impressed. Kkn.. The no. 1 channel. I’ve chosen Kabir’s show to bring out the truth to people. Where is he?’. Kabir and Manav enters. They both shake hands with him. Kailash asks Malvika,

‘Who is he?’, pointing towards Manav. Malvika replies, ‘He’ so the new editor-in-chief sir’. Kailash nods. Kabir says, ‘It’s hard to believe that a great personality like you can be interested in our kkn. It’s our honor sir. After all the charity that u did by helping the children achieve their mission, I am grateful that you wish to produce my show’. Kailash says, ‘No please Kabir, enough of all the praises. I thank all of you for that. But from now, treat me like a member of kkn. Kabir, I’ve watched your shows daily. U bring out the truth to people. I would love to produce your show’. Khalid says, ‘I’ ll have to ask you for a coffee. Maybe we can discuss about the preparations required for production? ‘. Kailash agrees. Malvika, Khalid and Kailash leaves. Manav says,’ I’ve seen this person many a times on tv. He is a rich person. Then too he is pretty humble, down-to-earth and prefers to remain simple ‘. Kabir replies,’ That’s true. All what he has earned, he has made it at the name of all the orphans. Indeed he is great ‘. Manav says,’ Kabir, why don’t you call all our members for dinner tonight? Malvika wants to discuss something with all of you’. Kabir says, ‘What is it for?’. Manav says ‘Now that you will come to know’.

Baby and Richa are discussing about the huge restaurant and it’s interiors. Richa says, ‘This hotel looks costly. I somehow don’t feel it’s right’. Malvika says, ‘It’s okay dear. Consider it my treat. Okay guys, I have some good news for you all. Mr. Satyarthi has gone through all our improvements in administration, news, broadcast and he not only wants to produce Kabir’s show but also invest in kkn!!!’. Everyone raises their wine glasses and cheers. Malvika then continues, ‘So papa decided that since you all work so hard then why not have a get together? At my place? It’s makar sankranti. Although I’ve never flew kites, maybe we can fly kites together, have lunch, and so on. I have made preparations for it. It’s the coming Sunday. Please do come, all of you. It would be lovely to have you all’. Baby says to Sunny, ‘You know we used to have a competition :girls’ team and boys’ team. That group which would cut the most no. of kites wins’. Ananya says, ‘Hey! That’s a great idea! We can fly kites with our partners, like me and Kabir, U and Sunny, Malvika and Manav, Richa and Ronnie..’ Everyone looks at her. Ananya leaves embarrassingly. Kabir follows

3 days have passed and it’s Sunday. Everyone gathers at Malvika’s house, in a traditional attire. Kl is present and greets everyone, ‘Hello guys! I know I am the owner of
kkn but I have hardly met a few people. So I would love to know the names of all of you, starting from,..’. Kl points towards Baby and Baby starts, ‘I am Baby Malhotra. I cover
weather as well as Bollywood news’. Sunny speaks, ‘I am senior cameraman Sunny Singh’. Richa says, ‘I am senior reporters Richa Lakhani’. When it’s turn of Ananya, Kl says, ‘Oh I
know you. U r senior journalist Ananya Kashyap. I’ve heard a lot about you. Kabir’s wife, huh?’. Ananya blushes and nods. Daljeet says, ‘I am Daljeet Singh, the input editor’. Kl says, ‘All
of you are responsible for making my channel no. 1. My dear daughter always talks about you all. Why don’t you all start your game? Wait a minute where’s Khalid?’.

Manav replies, ‘He said
he had to go urgent to Mumbai so he will not come’. Kl nods and guides them towards the terrace. The terrace is huge and kites and manjhas all are lying in table. Malvika enters,
looking hot in her salwar and Kurt. She announces, ‘Before starting, have this tilgul laddoos. I have spent hours making this’. Everyone remarks it’s tasty. Sunny starts crying.
Baby and Ananya goes near him and asks him why he is crying. He replies, ‘This laddoos reminds me of my mother’. Baby consoles him and says, ‘It’s okay Sunny ji. Pls stop crying. We
have to fly kites today. If u will cry, then we will definitely lose. He convulsively gets up and says,’ We will win!! ‘. Daljeet comments,’ Khwab mein mat rehe. We will win. I am champion in
kite- flying. Manav says, ‘That we will c. Let’s all start first’. Everyone hurries towards the table and collects on kite and one manjha and starts flying.

Girls are holding the manjha and boys are flying kite. Sunny is trying to cut Daljeet’s kite, but Manav’s kite cuts Sunny’s kite. Manav shouts and cheers from the other side. Sunny
angrily remarks, ‘I will not give up. It was just a trial bowl’. Daljeet cuts another kite of Sunny and Sunny angrily sits on floor and says, ‘Maine nah udani hai koi patang. Sab mere hi patang kat leve hai.’ Baby says, ‘Don’t give up. They are cutting ur kites because they know that if they clear you off they can cut Kabir sir’s kite and win. We don’t have to lose. Pls get up’. Sunny says, ‘It’s only because of u I am trying it again. But if this time they do it, I will give up’. Daljeet and Richa start laughing and cheering themselves. Kabir and Ananya’s love kit is flying pretty high. Kabir says, ‘Joe are you feeling right now?’.

Ananya replies, ‘Better’. Kabir says, ‘Look Ananya, your grandma told u, ur mom and me too that Ronnie is alive. He is in us, he’s everywhere. Maybe he’s watching us now too. That’s our destiny that Ronnie is not here. We can’t change it’. Ananya irritatingly replies, ‘I told u I am fine. Can’t you get it? Ronnie was my best friend. I know he’s here but not visible but I do miss him. Dadi came but what about Ronnie. I didn’t listen to you that day and this is what I get as punishment. U know I feel like headache. I am trying to to forget him but u remind me again and again and make me restless. I am going home ‘. Kabir shouts’ Ananya wait! ‘. But she does not wait. She comes out of Malvika’s home and starts walking on the road

Kabir follows Ananya but can’t find her. She’s walking alone on the road when she sees some burglar stealing a diamond necklace from one home and turns back to see Ananya. He runs behind Ananya and Ananya starts running at full speed. She hits her head with a rock and lies unconscious. Before the burglar could take hold of her, Kabir enters. He ties up the burglar with his handkerchief and calls Khurana and ambulance. He tries to wake up Ananya but she lies there, cold and still. Ambulance comes and takes Ananya to the hospital. Kabir calls Manav and informs him about what happened. Khurana arrests the burglar.

Precap: Doctor announces that Ananya is safe. Ananya on opening her eyes says, that she saw Ronnie by the rock and that’s Y she fell the rock.

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Ye ronnie ke baath kabir aur ananya ki relationship ko affect nehe karna chaiye reetika.pls dont make kaya fight because of ronnie

    1. Yeah. Actually after she is admitted, she will not fight with Kabir, for sure. Actually nisha wanted some short clash between Kaya and how Kabir makes her alright. So I added that

  2. Nisha is a first year BTECH student. She is also a fan of kaya

  3. Kailash Satyarthi is a true personality. You can check in with his details on Internet

  4. Instead of on its one and in Kabir’s dialogue he asks, ‘Ananya are you feeling alright’. Actually this dictionary doesn’t recognize these words so.. I am really sorry for the inconvenience

  5. Any problems in the storyline, pls comment

  6. Carry on with your story. ………..lekin mai sirf yahi keh rahi thi ki kya daljeet ko aap Ronnie nahi bana sakti. ………… Jaise ki woh mara nahi tha balki natak kar raha tha aur use dekhna tha ki uske liye ananya kitna sochti hai…..aisa kuch???? ………… Ya phir usne apni identity islie chupayi taaki kaya ka badla poora ho sake. ………..kyun ki main ananya ko aisi haalat mein nahi dekh sakti

  7. Maine sirf apni views share ki. ……… I’m sorry agar apko bura laga ho toh

    1. No no. U r free to voice out your opinions. Look it’s obvious that he’s not Daljeet but Ronnie, because they are not brothers. So I will unfold the truth in a different way but I simply don’t know what I should put as a reason for Ronnie’s secret identity as Daljeet

  8. Reetika di maine jo 2nd option diya. ……………. Wo actually mai yeh kehna chahti thi ki Ronnie k mare jane se kaya ki badle ki aag badh gayi.. …….. Kaisa hoga??

    1. Ronnie wasn’t of that nature na. Wo Ananya ko dil se chahta tha. Toh wo marne se pehle (natak mein) being usne kaha tha ki wo Ananya ko khush dekhna chahta hai. Aur use pata hai ki Ananya sirf Kabir se pyaar karti hai. Toh uski dal waise bhi nahi galti. Not to b rude here

  9. thank u so much reetika that u considered my suggestion…and fay by day ur story is getting more interesting!!!

  10. thank u so much reetika that u considered my suggestion…and day by day ur story is getting more interesting!!!

    1. Thanks Nisha

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