Reporters season 2 episode 31


Ananya embarrassingly comes out of the pcr room. Richa watches all this from outside and goes right to Kabir’s cabin. She narrates the entire thing that happened and Kabir starts worrying and he also narrates what Ananya tried to do days back and Richa asks, ‘Why is she doing so sir?’. Kabir replies, ‘It’s because in all this happiness that she has she misses Ronnie who forms the basis of her joy. I met a psychiatrist and she said to keep all those things away form her that reminds her of Ronnie’. Richa looks down and says, ‘I can completely understand Ananya’s feelings. After all we were not so close to Ananya as Ronnie was. Whenever she used toget angry with you
or Malvika, Ronnie used to calm her down. He was her backup system. With him gone, naturally she would undergo this situation. Tell me, what I am supposed to do? I want to help her in anyway possible ‘. Kabir says,’ It’s alright I’ll manage. U inform all ur friends and warn them to remind Ananya anything about Ronnie. Hide everything of his memoir ‘. Richa agrees and leaves.

Kabir reaches home. Ananya is still at her grandma’s house. He prepares baingan-bharta for her. She comes home and without asking her much, Kabir asks her to have dinner. Ananya is served baingan-bharta in her plate and she asks, ‘When did you learn to make this?’. Kabir blushes and replies, ‘Do you remember that once you brought this at my house for anurag? Well I took it upon myself to learn how to make it. I was waiting for the opportunity’. Ananya holds Kabir’s hand and says, ‘You make me feel special everytime. Thank u so much’. Kabir keeps his other hand on her hand and says, ‘U made my life special. This is just a small return gift’. Ananya remarks, ‘It’ ‘s delicious. Just fab ‘. Kaya have their dinner and go to sleep.

Next day Manav and Malvika are late. It’s past 12. Everyone in the office is humming about it. Richa goes to Baby and Sunny and asks,’ Any idea where is Malvika and Manav? ‘. Sunny jokes,’ Lappa-jhappa shuru hoga kahi pe ‘. Richa and Baby starts laughing. Kaya enters the scene and Ananya says,’ What’s the joke that’s keeping you laugh? ‘. Richa replies,’ Manav sir and Malvika have not yet come. So Sunny is saying may be their planning to settle’. Kabir remarks, ‘Many has never been late ever

since I am working in kkn. What’s keeping him up now?’. Baby replies, ‘Sir, Manav sir came early today and assigned everyone work and left as he had to meet kl for some reason’. Kabir
understandingly nods and leaves.

Manav and Malvika enters and everyone starts smiling and giggling. Malvika shouts, ‘Guys it’s boy what you all are thinking. We had
some important work so we r late. I will..’ Manav holds her hand and whispers in her ear, ‘Let it be. As such everyone knows about us. We r planning for our next step(marriage) that time
this will stop’. Malvika nods and leaves.

She enters Khalid’s cabin and on seeing her he says, ‘Oh Malvika dear! U came? Settling kkn
or ur self?’ Malvika angrily says, ‘Do u always
have to be sarcastic? What if I m settling myself. I don’t want to be single like you, at least’. Khalid replies, ‘Relax Malvika! U r becoming too hyper these days. U should try
out powerboat. It’s good to control anger and ur tone. U know everytime dinner, lunch, coffee will make you fat then marriage…?’. Khalid starts laughing and Malvika leaves, fuming.

The business personality is entering the office. As he enters, everyone is shocked to see him.

Precap: Ananya, Baby, Sunny, Richa, Daltrey, Kabir, Manav Malvika, Khalid and kl are busy flying kites. It’s Sunday and all are enjoying. A loud sound BAM!! is heard

Credit to: Reetika

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