Reporters season 2 episode 30


Ananya and Kabir reaches office. Kabir and Khalid are seated in Kabir’s cabin, discussing the line-up of the shows and their news. Khalid teasingly asks him, ‘So everything is fine between miya-biwi or those fights, you know what I mean right?’. Kabir says, ‘It’ so not so. Everything is alright ‘. Malvika enters saying,’Today, a new business personality is coming to sponsor Kabir’s show. Shall I fix his appointment with you?’. Kabir nods. Malvika and Khalid leaves. Ananya enters and says,

‘Here are some papers. I want your signature over it’. Kabir signs the papers looking at Ananya’s face who is ignoring his gaze. Finally
Kabir says, ‘Don’t you think you have become less romantic than before? Is it time who is responsible or the wrinkles on my face?’. Ananya goes near him and moving her fingers
slightly over his face comments, ‘U are not old, u r my hero. Hero never grows old, at least for a
heroine like me’. Ananya and Kabir smiles. Then she adds, ‘Look actually I know I should not have behaved with you this way but it’s as if I have lost control of my mind. I don’t know
what’s happening, my dadi has come but that constant image of Ronnie does not fade from my eyes. I find Ronnie in Daljeet, they both look
so similar’. Kabir gets up and consoles her
admitting, ‘Yeah I understand. But look Ananya, u should understand that Ronnie is not gone. He’s there. His place is here’. Kabir points to his
heart and keeps his hands on Ananya’s shoulders, adding, ‘These are great people who find their place in few individuals who are

considered lucky. U r that lucky person. He
found his place in your heart. He chose you leaving all others. He has not left you. He is in
you. And I am lucky to be a husband of this
lucky woman ‘. Ananya and Kabir hugs, tears
rolling down Ananya’s cheeks, crying.

Kabir decides to meet a psychiatrist. Dr. Shah,
is the most renowned psychiatrist in Delhi. He meets her and narrates the entire tale from Ronnie, RG, Shreya, etc. Dr. Shah listens patiently and finally asks him, ‘How many times has Ananya tried to attempt suicide?’. Kabir says, ‘It’s the first time. I don’t know what I am supposed to do. I am afraid she might try to do that again’. Dr. Shah then says, ‘I am sorry sir but in such cases it is better to converse with the person itself. But as a suggestion, u should keep all those things, photos, memoirs, away from Ananya that reminds her of Ronnie. Ask someone very close to cool her down, maybe she might agree to them and gradually will start adjusting to her surroundings’. Kabir thanks and leaves.

Kabir drops Ananya to her house and rings the doorbell. Anita opens the door. Kabir is about to leave when Ananya holds him and says, ‘Why are you leaving? Won’t you come in?’. Kabir smiles and replies, ‘I have never left you. It’s just for now. I don’t want to invade in your family space. Call me when you are done. Bye’. Kabir winks at her and leaves. Ananya enters and is warmly greeted by her mom, dadi and brother. Dadi and Ananya are busy chatting when Anita comes and serves her water. Dadi then goes on, ‘So I have heard Ananya that you don’t wish to live your life?’. Ananya says, ‘That’s true. It’s because Ronnie is not here. U r there, Ma is there, Arman,.. He sacrificed his life for me. I miss him a lot’. Dadi takes her to the balcony and points towards the night sky. Sky is full of stars adorned with moon. She says, ‘U look at that star, it’s constant. It doesn’t twinkle.

That’s Ronnie. He’s watching you, Kabir, Richa and all. And look at that star. That’s your dad and to the right is your grandpa. Never lose hope dear. They are there with you every time, everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are. Mind me, u r damn lucky to have the best father and best friend. I am so proud to be a grandma of a brave child like you. Your friend lives in you, with you and around you. U just need to discover and feel his presence. That’s it ‘. Ananya cries and hugs her grandma.

Next day, Daljeet calls Ananya to pcr room to discuss about the plot. Ananya sees Ronnie in Daljeet and hugs him.

Precap : Richa consoles Ananya after seeing her hug. Richa informs Kabir about what happened. Kabir and Ananya have a brief chat at café

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. nice update yar…

  2. hi .. i just came across ur ff and i really loved it. Your plots and twists are amazing.
    I was a little disheartened though coz u never really wrote about their first night even in brief.
    Yes i have vast imagination but it would have been really nice to read it from your perspective. 🙂
    keep up the good work.. 😀

    1. U mean the first night after marriage? Well, look the serial’s name is ‘reporters’ and I know Kaya are the lead characters and they have shown romance but when they will start season 2 they may show that they are already married or briefly show their romance cuz they can’t show their interpersonal relationship for long or else they will have to change the title. Yeah in between we can show some romance, that I will make sure from next episode.

  3. Well sorry guys, I have my prelims coming up so I won’t be able to write in continuation. But whenever I get time, I will post

    1. Oh im so sorry reetika…i missed this episode and so i didnt read this comment.i sincerely apologise for rushing you.prelims is a very big thing although its not the main thing.all the best!!oh yeh all the best to priyanka too

      1. No its alright ananya. As such my studies are done. Just a brush up. U know cuz it’s a board exam that we r preparing for

  4. So sad. ……matlab main aur ffs padh nahi paungi. ………mere bhi final exams suru hone wale hain. ….ok

    1. It’s not so. I will write in free time but if I will be able to.

  5. Thik hai aapke next episode k liye wait karungi ……….best of luck

    1. Thanks a lot ?

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