Reporters Season 2 Episode 3


kabeer is trying to enter his room but richa and baby stop him and say why in so much rush?kabeer says not again and gives his wallet to richa and baby,they both run with wallet and daljeet and sunny run after them,richa slips and daljeet holds her,they have an eye lock,sunny snatches wallet from richa,s hand and baby runs after him,richa thanks him,daljeet says cofee at 8;00am tomorrow and he leaves following sunny.richa blushes and gets thinking that ronnie died to give a chance to her.Annanya is sitting on bed with flower petals all around,she tells herself that it feels like a dream and if it is a dream God must promise to not to break it kabeer enters and says this dream will never sever as this dreams keeps us together.annanya gets shy,kabeer gets close to her.he holds her chin up and tells her she is the most beautiful gift ever blessed by God.kabeer is about to kiss her ,just then they hear taruni,s shouting for help,they rush outside house and see taruni lying all washed up in blood but still breathing.anurag starts getting panic attacks ,annanya holds him.they take her to hospital,she is in operation theater fighting for life,bhabi says may be taruni committed suicide,annanya tells her then she should not have shouted for help,kabeer tells bhabhi that i knew her very well she had no reasons for giving up her life.
annanya thinks why this happened on her marriage night,and why someone has killed taruni,she was a very good woman.she is in tears,kabeer consoles her.
doctor comes out of ot,everyone gathers around him,he says patient’s condition is very critical but she wishes to talk to kabeer and annanya for last time,if anyone is kabeer and annanya here?ananya follow dr.inside and tells bhabhi to send kabeer in when he has finished hospital register details.taruni with disoriented and mumbled words ask annanya to take care of her son,does she promise?annanya says sure and she is not going to die,as she can,t leave all her responsiblities on annanya.taruni says she is sorry but she has to leave.her heart beat falls low,she shouts anurag,s father?take annurag to him? annanya ask who? taruni who?taruni points towards kabeer who has just entered in.taruni’s breath breaks and she dies.kabeer is in shock,annanya is confused about taruni’s words but she thinks she is his wife now and she has to trust kabeer tears they take taruni’s body home for her last rituals.kabeer calls inspector khurana and ask him to begin his investigation,it is not a suicide.
in taruni’s last rituals annanya promises herself that she,ll be a mother to annurag and will never leave him alone and she hugs anurag who is crying a lot complaining to God that first he took his legs and now his mother.kabeer gets a call and leaves without telling anyone.annanya strengthens herself to trust kabeer as she,ll be anurag,s mother now and will try hard to find his father.
PRECAP:a DNA report is shown to kabeer,he breaks down and shouts at doctor this can,t happen,dr.says he can lie but test can,t lie.kabeer remninces his college farewell when he was dead drunk.he says he can,t cheat annanya he,ll tell her the truth.annanya is making anurag have food.Shreya,s words echo in her mind that kabeer had an affair with his stinger so she divorced him.

Credit to: delima

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