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Hi guys sorry for late post, here it is :
Manav begins with his show. He has the director of Rediffe college as his guest. He asks him a question ‘Sir, what is the criteria of a student’s admission in your college?’. The director says, ‘Firstly, the student should score above 95 cuz ours is a reputed college..’ He goes on boasting about the college. Daljeet waves a thumbs-up from the pcr room and plays the video clip. The video shows Ananya and Baby requesting the director to give Baby admission in the college. Manav continues, ‘ So sir, sorry to say but your claims totally contradicts what the video shows.’ The director protests and fumes, leaving the show. Baby and Ananya high-five each other. Daljeet looks at Ananya and smiles. Manav comes out from green room and all start clapping. Malvika hugs him. Khalid says, ‘I am so so happy. My kkn has always been at the top but this time it’s because of Manav. I am so proud of you’. Manav hugs Khalid.

Kabir is thinking about something in his cabin, reminiscing the sad expressions on Ananya’s face when she was staring Daljeet. Then he convulsively gets up and looks at the
office from above. Ananya is nowhere. Khalid, Manav and Malvika are busy chatting. Kabir asks, ‘Richa, have you seen Ananya?’. Richa says, ‘I saw her go out. She was busy over her
phone talking to someone’. Kabir thanks and leaves.

Ananya is at the Hilltop café looking blankly at the mountains and sipping coffee.
She has tears in her eyes, reminiscing the selfies she took with Ronnie at that scene. She starts walking towards the barbed-wire and looks down. She mutters to herself, ‘Why you
left me Ronnie? I have happiness in my life, but not you or my dad. U sacrificed for this dumb friend who looked after her joy but not you. Now I can’t take it anymore. This suffering is burning me. Now I can’t take it. I am coming to you’. She keeps her hands on the barbed wire, blood rushing out and adjusting herself prepares to jump but in time, Kabir comes and saves her. Ananya starts and crying and struggling to free his clutches but Kabir holds her tightly. He puts her in her car, ties her hands and legs. He reaches home and puts Ananya on the bed. He cleans her wounds and contacts her mom, ‘Hi ma Kabir here’. He goes on narrating what happened. He then asks her, ‘Did Ananya ever say about Ronnie and how much she was missing him?’ Anita says, ‘No Kabir beta, look please take care of her. It was nice that you happened to be there but what if next time she does the same and you don’t know about this?’. Kabir starts thinking and says, ‘Can dadi ji explain her?’. Anita smiles saying no problem.

Next day Ananya starts preparing breakfast silently. Kabir enters and she wishes him good morning. Kabir wishes too. He then offers a help but Ananya refuses saying, ‘I can do this. Breakfast is ready. Have a seat.’ Kabir sits and looks at her. He then says, ‘So what were you doing alone at the Hilltop café?’. She replies, ‘Actually I wanted to breathe some fresh air’. Kabir says, ‘Look Ananya, I am no longer your boyfriend. I am your husband. Whatever problem you suffer please share it with me. I am worried about you.’ Ananya says’ you don’t have to worry. I’ll be fine. That was just… You don’t have to worry’. Kabir stares her sad eyes and says, ‘Ma called. She said your grandma wants to see you’. Ananya replies, ‘I’ll meet her after my work. Shall we leave?’. Kabir says ‘Sure.’

Precap : Kabir meets a psychologist Dr. Shah. Ananya sadly hugs Daljeet assuming him to be Ronnie, for no reason. Ananya meets her grandma

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. nice episode…lol reetika!!!

  2. Well done…although i thought u could have made that suicide more filmy…u know what i mean right…tht scene was to boring(the puting her in the seat scene.)but overall nice episode.u know when i was young,even my grandmother used to be the only one who could console me if i were me of my childhood.

    1. Actually I thought rather than making it filmy it would be better to show something realistic. And how much ever you grow old, your grandmother is the best healer of any worries that you have.

  3. I am sorry but I didn’t understand what’s puting in your line of comment

    1. I mean ananya

      1. Putting in the car when she tried to commit suicide and kabir saved her?that part.

      2. Oh I see. Actually I was trying to show something realistic. Filmy would have been fine,.. Ok I’ll take care from next time

  4. Hey guys I am always been a silent reader but I love the ffs both by delima and reetika. …………..please continue with them. ………..missing reporters team a lot

  5. And can I call you di because I will be in class 10 and I’m using my father’s email to post comments?

    1. No problem Trishita. Even I had been a silent listener when actual reporters was operational.

  6. Please reetika di update jaldi karna…………….. I just can’t wait for it

    1. Yeah I will

  7. Kahan ho aap sab mujhe abhi tak updates nahi mile ………I’m waiting

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