Reporters season 2 episode 28


Manav calls Ananya to his cabin and gives him the details of Rediffe college and how parents have to pay black money in order to get their children’s admission. Ananya says she too got information from her khabri and will cover a secret video tactfully. Ananya dresses up in a saree and Baby like that of a student and enter the college. She meets the principal of the college and shows him a fake marksheet of Baby. The Principal asks her to meet the director. The director demands Rs. 15 lacs for her admission. Ananya secretly covers the entire footage, giving him a fake bundle of notes.

On reaching office she looks at Ronnie’s desk and sees Richa and Daljeet having a good chat. Ananya blankly stares at Daljeet wondering, ‘He looks so much alike to Ronnie. No no. It can’t be. Stop thinking so’. Kabir,

Malvika and Khalid come out of Khalid’s cabin and are climbing down the stairs. Daljeet is secretly looking at Ananya and trying to avoid her gaze. Kabir meets Ananya’s sight and looks
at Daljeet. Malvika says, ‘Is there something wrong Kabir?’. Kabir says, ‘Look over there’. He points towards Ananya and says, ‘She is still missing Ronnie’. Malvika winks, ‘I’ll handle her’. Malvika calls Ananya, ‘Ananya, can you please come to my cabin?’. Ananya says, ‘Yes Malvika’. She climbs the stairs. Khalid and Kabir see her go sadly and Khalid says, ‘What happened to her? I thought she would be happy since her grandmother has returned’. Kabir says, ‘We have different places for different kinds of people in our hearts. Although her grandmother has returned, the space of her best friend is not yet filled’. Kabir walks to his cabin and Khalid goes to Green room. Ananya shows the clippings to Malvika, Malvika looking at her says, ‘I know Ananya that you miss Ronnie but you need to become sure that he’s not gone.

He’s there with us. Maybe he’s looking at us from the café, or the green room, or through Manav’s cabin. But he is not visible to us. That’s
it. When my mom died, my father used to
explain me this way. He said one day she will come but only the difference will be she’ll come in a different way. I’ve not yet found that(Tears
roll down Malvika’s cheeks) but I’m positive that
she will come’. Ananya keeps a hand on her shoulder,’It’s okay. I know how it feels to loose someone who is so close to you. Anyway I’ll
give this recording to Manav sir.

Ananya climbs down the stairs and gives the recording to Manav. She comes out and Baby calls out, ‘Oye Ananya! Toh uthe ki kari hai? Ithe aa’. Ananya goes near her where Sunny and Richa are also seated. Baby says, ‘So how was your day today Ananya. You seem stressed’.Ananya says no its not so. Richa happily says,’ Yesterday Daljeet took me to his place. He has a huge garden, a swimming pool, lush lawn and golf area too. We were hanging out in his veranda. His family members were not at home at that time. I really wanted to meet them ‘. Sunny teasingly says,’ Abhi se hi shaadi ki tayaariyaan shuru ‘. He makes the sound of shehenai and Richa hits him. Baby and Ananya starts laughing. Manav and Kabir goes near them and asks,’ what is the joke. Pls share it with us’. Richa warns Sunny through expressions. Sunny shows the hand in the shape of shehenai and Manav and Kabir start laughing. Sunny starts running and Richa runs after him. Kabir says to Manav, ‘Are you ready for your show tonight?’. Many winks saying ‘Always, Kabir sahab.’

Precap : Manav calls the director of Rediffe college and shows him the clips. He fumes and leaves the show. Ananya is about to suicide when Kabir stops her.

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Look everyone, there has been some spelling mistakes. Like in the 4th para 3rd last line ‘lose’ and ‘Many’ instead of Manav. I am sorry for that. Otherwise if you find any complaints please do let me know

    1. Ananya suicide?whattttt??

      1. She was trying to climb down the rocks, in a drunk state and Kabir saves her

      2. Actually she has lost control of her mind. She is not in her senses. She wants to go to Ronnie

      3. Ohhhh i see

  2. It would be lovely to see if there was a video for this…i miss reporters…

  3. not interesting at all…why r u making high authorities so involved in the silly matters of juniors…

    1. I am really sorry. I’ll take care of it from next plot onwards. I know this one was way too boring

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  9. kya episode 29 aa gaya hai…I am curious!!!…about ananya kashyap’s suicide…and kabir will stop her

    1. Actually Nisha I am not in the condition to write a new plot. So can you continue it for me?

    2. I’ll try to write it as soon as I can

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