Reporters season 2 episode 27


The party is going in a good sway. Trisha is the dj and everyone is enjoying. Suddenly Kabir takes the mic and announces, ‘Here’s my surprise, Ananya. Since u made my life special. So I decided to do so for u as a return gift. U made my life. Here she is.’ Then the spotlight shifts to an old woman who is seated in a wheelchair along with Anita and Arman. Ananya excitedly goes near her, with eyes full of tears and says, ‘Granny, you are still alive? How..?’. Anita speaks, ‘She had been in coma these many days, doctors never expected this would happen. But today Bhagwan is with us.’ The Granny mutters, ‘I am so happy to have seen you. U were just a new-born when I saw you for you. U were just a new-born when I saw you. Today u are a big, brave, intelligent reporter. Kabir brought me to u today. He’s a perfect man. Kind, sensitive and caring he is. May God always keep you both together.’ Ananya looks at Kabir and happily hugs him. Everyone start clapping and cheering. Malvika says, ‘Kabir I have to admit that you have once again proved that you are the best. Ananya is so lucky to have you.’ Ananya says, ‘You are right. I am so lucky. He’s the best husband anyone would have’. Kabir gives her a peck on her cheek and whispers, ‘I think you should go home and spend some quality time with your grandmother, since she has come to you after a long time. I’ll drop you home.’ Kabir waves everyone good bye and drops Ananya, her mom, Arman and Granny home. At the door Arman says, ‘Jiju, aap bohot achhe pati hai. Meri didi bohot khush rehti hai. Aapko thanks kaise kahun?’ Kabir says, ‘If you want to then promise me that you will take good care of your mom and granny’. Arman says, ‘I promise. And I also promise to myself that I will be a husband like you’. Kabir smiles. Ananya enters and says, ‘Idhar hi khade rehna hai ya andar bhi aana hai.’

Kaya reaches Kabir’s home. Ananya says,’ I am so happy to have seen my Granny. You know when I was 9 months old, I would never sleep without listening to her story. Whenever Dad used to scold me, her comforting hand was always around me’. Then, she continues, ‘ Something happened to her. And since then I’ve seen her now. All because of you’.Kabir replies,’ What you have done to me and the way you changed my life, I could not think of giving you more better surprise than this ‘. Kaya kiss.

Next morning, Kaya reach office. Management holds a conference meeting. All are present except for Richa and Daljeet. Khalid says,’ Maybe the love birds are cooing somewhere and planning to build their nest together ‘. All start laughing. At that moment, Richa and Daljeet enters. Richa says, I am sorry sir. Actually we slept late so..’ Manav sarcastically says, ‘I know it’s the first stage of your love. It happens. Come have a seat’.

After the meeting Ananya, Sunny, Baby, Richa and Daljeet have their coffee at the cafeteria. Ananya looks at her empty cup and reminisces the moment when she and Ronnie used to have coffee and spend time. She says, ‘Yesterday all my mates, family was there
except for two people :my dad and Ronnie.’
Tears roll down Ananya’s cheeks. She continues, ‘He was my best friend, the best person. He sets an example to all those friends, who simply claim they are’. Daljeet gets up and goes near her and wipes her tears. Saying, ‘He surely must be great and lucky too to have you as his friend. He is with us, everytime, watching all of us. But if u cry, he’ ll feel pretty bad ‘.
Richa too caresses her saying,’ He must be looking from heaven right now. Watching all that we are doing. U don’t need to worry at all. And now smile ‘. Ananya smiles and all hug each other.

Precap: Ananya is covering a secret recording of the corrupt minister who is found receiving money from parents for their child’s admission in Rediffe college

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. u r really a good writer reetika…in which class r u studying??? also u r having a good imagination power…and I am sure that u will improve after each episode

    1. Thanks Nisha. I am in 10th std.

    2. How old are you Nisha?

  2. Wow reetika!!!mudje patha
    nehe tha that tum itna achha writer ho.ab tum uss talent ko showcase kartheya.sorry my hindi is not so good.apologise for grammatical errors in my sentence.

    1. No no. U speak Hindi well. Thanks for your precious comments

  3. I am a B TECH 1st year student

    1. All the best for your career ahead

  4. I am 18

  5. so now reetika this year u have boards…!! so best of luck for that…also if I am not wrong then ananya r u a Bengali!!!

    1. Thanks for your wishes.

    2. Nisha,im not a bengali,im a south indian with north indian parents.

  6. from which city or state do u hail reetika….(if u don’t want to share then no problem)

    1. Maharashtra, Mumbai

    2. And you?

  7. plz try to bring some misunderstanding between kaya so that afterwards we could enjoy a lot when they will reunite

    1. I will. In episode 31 or 32

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