Reporters season 2 episode 26

Early morning, ananya prepares black coffee, Kabir’s favourite. He looks at her suspiciously and then asks her, ‘Is there something that you want from me?’ To this ananya smiles and says, ‘No no, not at all. Why it’s my duty to care of you.’ Kabir admits that how suddenly this care of duty aroused in her and ananya says, ‘That’s my Kabir sir. U got me. I need a half-day leave as I have to go to buy a dress for my party.’ Kabir happily says that she could have gone without permission also. Ananya proudly says, ‘I have to abide by the rules as I am a reporter, though I am married with a higher authority’ Kabir smiles and agrees. They both go to the office and go to their respective seats. Trisha, Richa and Baby ask Ananya what surprise she’s going to give Kabir. Ananya grins and says it’s a surprise for all.

Meanwhile, Kabir, Sunny, Daljeet and Manav start discussing what surprise they will give to their partners. Kabir admits that his surprise will be the best and everyone start arguing that their surprise will be more better. Daljeet keeps mum and smiles to himself and Manav on noticing asks him, ‘Iss sahabzaade ke man mein kya chal raha hai?’. Kabir says that u will get to know later. Let’s first finish our work. Kabir calls ananya to his cabin and asks her whether she completed the file he had asked her to complete. Ananya says it’s almost done and flirtily asks him, ‘Do u know how to sing?’. Kabir asks her the reason why. She says nothing and informs him that she, Trisha, Malvika, Richa and Baby are going for shopping and will directly meet him in the party. Kabir asks her to take care. Ananya asks him, ‘Do u think I that I can’t take care of myself? Of course I will.’ Kabir sadly replies, ‘Kuch bolo toh bhi problem na bolo toh bhi problem’ Ananya says, ‘Oww! U look so sweet when u are angry. Angry Kabir Sharma or Violent Kabir Sharma’. She giggles and leaves.

When the ‘mahila mandal’ are about to leave Sunny takes leave of Ananya and tells her to bring a doll like dress for Richa as Daljeet loves her and has decided to propose her. Ananya smiles and agrees.

The party begins after Kabir’s show and all boys( Kabir, Sunny, Manav and Daljeet) start waiting for their partners. Trisha anchors the show. She climbs the stage and says, ‘Hi guys! Welcome to kkn’ s night dj. I know you all r waiting for ur partners, and without wasting time I would like to call them. First Malvika enters looking gorgeous in her blue-black designer saree. Manav smiles seeing her and bows down and says’ u look beautiful sweetheart ‘and kisses her hand. Next Baby enters in her cute pink dress and her styley bun. Sunny reaches and holds her hand saying’ Babyji ek din aapne mujhe heart – attack de dena hai ‘. Baby blushes saying then I will cure you. Later Richa enters in her pretty black and silver gown. Daljeet is stunned watching her. He goes near her and whispers saying’ U look like an angel in disguise ‘. Richa blushes and goes with Daljeet. Kabir is impatient to see ananya. But she does not enter. Trisha starts with her show. She sees Kabir looking to the door and says’ Kabir sir, wait u’ll soon see her. Till then, everyone enjoy the dj.’ Party music plays and everyone starts dancing with their partners.

Trisha comes in and announces here’s the surprise everyone was waiting for. I would like to call upon the stunning, beautiful and cool Ananya!! Kabir looks around as the light goes off. Then all of sudden, The spot light waits on Ananya and Raabta music starts playing. Ananya starts singing raabta and Kabir is shocked to see her. She is looking extravagant in her purple and gold gown with her French knot. When she finishes everyone starts clapping and Kabir goes to the stage and kisses Ananya’s hand. Everyone cheers. Daljeet came next to the stage and started saying, ‘When I came this office for the first time, u knew no one. I couldn’t simply come over my shyness. But there is someone here, who showed me who I am and what I can be. I became friend with everyone but today I have to confess her and make her a part of my life. I need to. So here I say to u, Richa, (Richa looks shyly around and back to him) I love you and I mean it. U might be thinking that I am drunk. But I am not. I really really love you and want to make you the love of my life. I wait for your answer. Ananya whispers in Richa’s ears he will keep u happy unlike Apoorva. Just say a yes. Richa agrees and everyone start whistling and cheering. Romantic music plays and Daljeet and Richa start dancing, having tight eye-lock. Seeing them, Manav and Malvika, Baby and Sunny Starr dancing. Ananya goes near Kabir and says, ‘I gave my surprise,what’s yours?’ Kabir smiles and says it’s on the way and asks her for her hand and they too start dancing. Khalid has tears of happiness in his eyes and says that’s my kkn.!! wiping his tears and drinking champagne.

Precap: Kabir brings Ananya’s grandmother who she supposed to be dead. Ananya happily hugs her grandmother and thanks Kabir for the biggest surprise.

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  1. Your are awesome reetika. I never knew that you had a hidden writer within you. If sheela ma’am sees this she will definitely grade you A1. CHEERS PRI.

    1. No no its not so. If you see I’ve made many grammatical errors. So Sheila bipolic would never grade me A1

    2. amazing reetika.

  2. Wow are very clear in explaining the scene but there are some grammatical and sentence structre errors.but if you ever enter a story writing competition your teacher,sheila mam or whatever your teacher’s name is but have no choice to give you first prize if she one of the judges.

    1. Thanks ananya. This problem of grammatical errors is my habit. And our teacher is partial. She won’t anyhow accept my story. Thanks anyway for your support

      1. By the way reetika,i have sent u a friend request on facebook.have you accepted it?

  3. Guys if you all find any complaints in the story or find it boring then please let me know. It is valuable to me

  4. No ananya. Actually I am I’ll so I haven’t seen it yet. But I’ll do it now

  5. And yes I’ve accepted your friend request.

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