Reporters season 2 episode 25

Kabir in his show shows the clips brought by Ananya on female foeticide and questions the audience ‘ Is daughter just a financial burden when Kalpana Chawla can reach space, Indira Gandhi can be a great orator, Priyanka Chopra can be a great actor and Helen Keller a great activist? It is we who have formed this image of women and are killing the girl child. Change is something that a country like India needs so as to progress and develop. ‘

Ananya goes to the green room and praises Kabir for his amazing show. Kabir flirtily says that it’s her company that has changed him. Ananya blushes. He goes to the office and everyone starts clapping and cheering. Khalid enters and hugs Kabir happily saying, ‘ Ek bottle nashe ka agar zindagi mein ho toh jeevan anand hi hai. News toh by-haath ki cheez ho jaate hai’ Kabir smiles and says’ If u would have been married u could get the taste of that bottle’. Malvika announces that once again kkn is the no. 1 channel and this time they will have a night-long dj. Trisha, Ananya, Richa, Baby, Sunny and Daljeet start discussing about the party. Trisha says she has no proper dress as attire and to this Ananya agrees. Daljeet and Richa are busy staring each other. Everyone of them smile teasingly and Trisha asks Richa, ‘ U want to spend ur whole time staring now or want to leave some for tomorrow’s party’. Richa blushes. Sunny whispers in Daljeet’s ear that he should anyhow propose Richa. Daljeet asks him how. Sunny says, ‘ This idea only Kabir sir can give.’

Kabir drops ananya home. In the car, Ananya asks him, ‘what have you planned for tomorrow?’. Kabir winks at her saying it’s a surprise dear and tells her that he is going to meet his stinger and not to worry about him. He kisses at her forehead and leaves ananya and goes. Ananya smiles saying you are going to get an even better surprise. Kabir meets Daljeet at the café. He asks him why he called up in such an urgency. Daljeet replied that he wants to propose Richa and asks him for his advice. Kabir advices him to write a few words about her in her praise, a sweet poem or something. Propose her in front of everyone that’s what will impress her. They shake their hands. At home, Kabir sees Ananya sleeping soundly and utters, ‘Tomorrow u will definitely become sure that u are the angel of my life. And that I promise will be different me

Precap: Kabir, Sunny, and Daljeet do ball dance with their partners. Daljeet proposes Richa in front of everyone and Richa agrees to it. Manav and Malvika too enjoy thoroughly.

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  1. Very nice reetika

    1. Thanks ananya

  2. I must appreciate reetika…the episode is good but why this time reetika

    1. I am sorry but I didn’t quite understand you

  3. I mean to say that why u have written this episode as the previous 24 episodes where not written by u…!!

  4. I m just curious about it and nothing else

    1. Yeah actually I am hospitalized and there’s nothing to do. So I couldn’t think of doing anything else

  5. why della isn’t writing

    1. She is. But she said she would be able to write only till episode 25,as she had to prepare for her exams. If you find any problem in my writing pls do let me know

  6. no its not like that….u r a good writer

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