Reporters season 2 episode 24


kabeer and annanya bade goodbye to annurag who is walking by the journey back to home,kabeer asks annanya why she is not speaking there any problems,annanya asks him wha name they,ll give to their baby,kabeer laughs.
he says if a boy then sudhir,annanya smiles proudly that kabeer respects his late father very much,annanya asks if baby is a girl,kabeer says then she,ll decide her name but i want a boy,annanya says she wants a girl.kabeer says boys are much sharper than girls,annanya says girls are more courageous.
kabeer asks annanya to prove herself,annanya says now he is teasing her,their sweet arguement continues .annanya tells him she has a way to prove.kabeer asks what is it?
annanya says we,ll have a cricket match in kkn ,boys on one side and girls on other,this,ll tell who is more good,kabeer compliments her on a brilliant idea.he says he don,t know of other girls but he does know his annanya is a more courageous than a lioness.
next day kkn when kabeer enters,he is astonished to see it turned in to a stadium,he asks khalid when did cricket became indoor.khalid laughs and tells him it is his wife,s game and he may not better interfere.kabeer says indeed no woman has a comparison to her.
cricket match begins,girls team wins the toss and choose to bat first,all choose malvika as the captain.annanya feels uneasy to play and becomes the umpire.kl tells khalid he want to telecast this T20 one day match on kkn,s sunday news.let people know kkn has revolutionized as kl has come.khalid laughs ,he says for sure it has changed but because of annanya and kabeer.
sunny tells manav not to bowl in front of malvika and baby,let daljeet do it,he,ll break malvika,s glasses so she can,t see the upcoming ball.manav laughs at him ,he says love takes game in interest.
game continues,girls team give them a target of only 80 runs/20 overs.sunny assures kabeer that they,ll win for sure,all are playing well and close to win,all players are out except kabeer ,he notices annanya sad,and he plays falsely making her win.while annanya thinkss they actually won.
manav asks kabeer why did he let them win,kabeer asks him to look at annanya,if he looses and that makes annanya smile,he is raedy to loose a 1000 times.
next day annanya finds a lead at rangooli care center about female foetecide,she goes with sunny .annanya sees a parent family there.tinu points out that they are the ones up for abortion.
annanya confronts the woman who seems to be a victim of domestic voilance,annanya is startled.she asks them why they are up for this inhuman asks her who is she to question them,annanya shows her card,he says woman are nothing other than load torture on this earth,if he gets a daughter what will he do with it,she has to get married one day and he has to take care of her saving her respect daily so she does not blacken his turban.he does not need a girl ,he needs a boy to help him not a girl to burden him.annanya feels stressed.the man asks her to leave.
anannya starts having headache,she gets irritated with the man and is about to go after him when sunny stops her and ask her to be calm,annanya says punjab,s has a very less female count,why people are doing this,why females are killed so frequently and doctors do taht for some money.
sunny says they can be arrested for this,we can call khurana and we have recorded his conversation with you,that is enough.annanya asks but who,ll stop them from doing that again,who,ll tell this world that woman are special,when,ll woman realize they don,t have to bear torture,who,ll save thsi unborn girl now.

PRECAP:kabeer in his show plays annanya,s documentary on women role in india and female foeticide.

Credit to: Delima

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  1. Nice update. Please continue…..

    1. ty piyali

  2. Finally.. From so long I was waiting for your episode 24. It would have been so good if we could see this cricket match for real. Ur story was damn good. Female foeticide was a nice selection of their lead. We r so gonna miss your stories Della

    1. soo sweet of u reetika

  3. U seem to know a lot about cricket della

  4. yes ananya u r absolutely correct della has selected a very important social issue in this episode…lol della…very nice

  5. sorry I mean reetika

  6. sorry I mean reetika in my first line of comment

    1. Thanks Nisha

  7. Kabir’s show??i m reffering to the precap

    1. His show at 9 which he used to give in season 1

  8. Della great writing but feeling a bit bad that after the last episode all this will stop at once and we won’t comment on your fictions neither will we able to chat.

  9. No hard feelings Della we are srsly gonna miss u and ur plot

  10. If u dont mind priyanka and reetika,can we exchange numbers?it has been amazing to talk with you and it would be lovely whether we could exchange no..pls do tell me if u feel uneasy or uncomfortable to display ur phone number on the net.i wont mind

    1. No problem. If u r on Facebook then I can get to know who u r. My full name is Reetika Gaikwad and what’s urs?

      1. Ananya jayaraman

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