Reporters season 2 episode 23

kabeer and annanya travel to pune to see annurag,they decide to have lunch first in a yellow star restaurent,after finishing lunch waiter tells kabeer that the owner awaits them,annanya feels surprised,she and kabeer follow the waiter to a room where someone is sitting on a office chair with it,s back towards them,waiter informs him that they have come,the chair is turned to their side,it is no other than annurag,he says surprise annanya di, keval brother is out for a walk am on his seat .isn,t that restaurent beautiful,keval brother works very hard,i am sorry i had to trouble you with a walk in to my office if i could walk i would have approached you on my own,he gets sad.annanya hugs him,she tells him she came to see him,annurag asks rally,kabeer says yes .annurag hugs them both.keval enters just then and greets them warmly,he says it is good that you came here,i was unable to spend a good time with annurag for a past few days cause i was busy with my new work and my medication and treatment,now annurag will enjoy with you ,let us go home.

at night annanya tells annurag about a princess story where she is trapped in the castle and a prince on white horse comes to rescue her,annurag gets sad,annanya asks for the reason,annurag says he can never get a princess,kabeer asks why it is so?annurag says he can,t ride a horse then how will he rescue a princess.kabeer says strength does not matter what that matters is a beautiful and a truthful heart.annurag questions how there is no story for it,kabeer says yes there are,kabeer tells him about the beauty and the beast story,where beast looks didn,t matter even a penny,what made beauty care for him,was a good heart.when kabeer finishes his story he finds annurag fast asleep.annanya asks kabeer to silently get up so annurag does not get up.annanya goes to balcony,kabeer follows her.
annanya looks at the moon,kabeer asks her if she is fine?annanya says if he knew how to ride a horse.kabeer says well he knew and he has his princess right in front of him.annanya asks him to teach it to annurag ,he may feel better.kabeer nods in a yes.

next morning kabeer takes annurag to a horse stable,annurag gets excited.kabeer asks him to listen to his horse and don,t be harsh to him,try to understand what he wants.annurag says he is afraid.kabeer tells him not to be as he is with him.

kabeer gives annurag a ride with him on a trained horse,annurag feels happy.kabeer gets down the horse and gives him courage to be stable on horse.annurag feels frightened and pulls horse,s hairs to get strong hold of horse,the horse gets pain and starts running fast ,kabeer gets worried .annurag falls down,kabeer notices a minor scratch.he cleans it ,annurag ask him not to worry,kabeer tries to get him up and hold his legs.annurag tells kabeer that he is feeling kabeer,s touch,kabeer is surprised,he takes hime to doctor.

Doctor asks laboratory investigators to run MRI and CAT scan on annurag .doctor after reading scans tells kabeer his brain un localized clot was mobilized due to fall,it is a good sign,and there are lot of chances for recovery.kabeer calls keval at hospital and he signs permit for operation.annurag,s operation is done for bilateral paralysis clot in his brain which made him handicapped and weakened his legs.

after the operation.dr. says may be the clot wasn,t in previous scan cause it was behind the suture(joint of skull) and it is yet to seen if the operation was succesful or not,this may make annurag able to walk.

annanya,kabeer and keval go to annurag,s room,kabeer asks annurag how is he feeling now.annurag says he is alright but you know i am able to move my legs,keval gets happy,annurag continues but i don,t want to walk.i have got lazy on my chair.

dr.tells them it,ll take time to make him learn walking,you just have to give some time to him and give him morning walks holding him and then leaving him at certain,ll help.
keval seems worried,kabeer asks him what happened,he tells he has only started business few days earlier and now he has to quit cause nothing is more important than his brother,kabeer asks him to go to work ,he and annanya will take care of annurag,keval thanks them profusely.
next morning kabeer and annanya are holding annurag for a walk as parents give their child walk for first footsteps,they make annurag walk with them holding their finger,kabeer looks at annanya and whispers that time is not far we,ll hold our child,s finger and give him a walk,they have an eyelock,they completely forget about annurag who is walking like a penguin now without their support,he starts shouting in joy,their eye lock breaks,they get happy seeing annurag walking,but annanya says annurag you just need a few modifications in your walk but first have food.annurag walks by himself to table although not properly but to much better extent.annanya and kabeer smile seeing eachother.

PRECAP:kabeer says i want a boy,annanya says she wants to have a girl,their sweet arguement makes them agree on a cricket match between girls and boys of kkn to know who is better.Annanya finds herself uneasy to play and becomes the umpire.later annanya finds a lead at rangooli care center with a case of female foeticide.

Credit to: Delima


  1. tina

    Thank u dellima for giving us the new way of reporters serial….thanks alot …I ‘ll miss ur writting after finishing of season 2

  2. ananya

    Della,for the past 10 episodes,ruffly,on the top right hand corner of the pictures of reporters,where we can see whether it is the real episode or a fan fiction,u have been putting reporters instead of fan fiction,which u usually put.pls do tell me if i need to make myslef clearer

  3. Reetika

    This plot was as usual fantastic. Sounds to me that you have already started studying for your medical exams. Pls guide me too in becoming a doctor. I would love to see ur plot visually. Anurag being able to walk is itself interesting.

  4. priyanka

    Dear della and ananya for me it seems to be a long time since I have written to u both and it seems that an argument relating to how the story should continue has taken place but I suggest that just forget about it , today is new year eve. A day when everyone expects that the coming year brings happiness for him or her. So just enjoy and be happy.

  5. priyanka

    I wish you all a very happy new year may it bring lots of happiness, excitements and a big smile on your faces. Also good news for someone. Hope that it also brings reporters season 2 with it. Once again a very happy new year to all of you

  6. Reetika

    In every new year everyone wishes a prosperous, joyous new year, blah blah.. But mine is different. To all reporters fans, may the new season of reporters start soon. May all the characters be the same. Without Khalid, Malvika, Ronnie (pls somehow show that daljeet is Ronnie), Richard, Baby, Sunny the show could not have been that successful. Kaya should always remain together (pls don’t show their breakups, tears roll down our cheeks). May it’s trp increase and back all those worst Ekta Kapoor serials. May this season2 be the best?? hip hip hurray! Hip hip… C’mon say along wid me..

    • della

      by making hard chocolate core cookies for new year at midnight,then we went to my inlaws ,they gave me a lot of gifts and blessings,and now he has gone out for work and am preparing decors form celebration at evening.

  7. Reetika

    Sorry but I am leaving this ff. It was lovely to chat wid all of u, though I didn’t know anyone of u. But my love for reporters will stay.. And will always bind us. Bye

  8. priyanka

    Well frankly I too don’t want to leave but I will have to leave because our exams are going to start so it won’t be possible to continue to chat but I promise that I will be back by the end of march with my own ff until then goodbye.

    • ananya

      Yes..she said she will write till the 25 th episode.and i strongly encourage you to watch bajirao mastani.all of u.priyanka,reetika,nisha and della.

  9. nisha

    hi ananya…its the 23rd episode so it means that after few days we will not be with this interesting series…so sad…by the way I really enjoyed a lot…lol della…u r really a good writer and also u have improved after each episode!!!

  10. nisha

    hi ananya…its the 23rd episode so it means that after few days we will not be with this interesting series…by the way I really enjoyed a lot…lol della…u r really a good writer and also u have improved after each episode!!!

  11. priyanka

    Dear della I have only one doubt actually I saw your instagram profile you look like a sweet Chinese doll but your language and our language are way too different so how do you so very well know about Indian names and culture? Please do write.

    • ananya

      Skin colour does not depict the person’s race,religion or ethnicity all the time priyanka.for example,im a south indian from north indian parents,but still im not so dark like usual south friends is a pakistani but she is thefore there might be a slight possibility that della is indian but looks like a chinese or simply im mistaken and she has read up on hindi language,or watched reporters very carefully.pls correct me if im mistaken

  12. priyanka

    Dear ananya I very well know what you mean to say but being curious is my nature. I hate beating around the bush but love to be specific.

    • della

      in rohi,indian television is very much famous,so I know a little about culture but almost blank on hindi language.

  13. priyanka

    Dear Della I really appreciate your you that went out of your way to write about an Indian fiction which is a very difficult thing for a person whose culture is different. By the way what is your mother tongue.

    • della

      this was the only serial I have watched out of my completely busy routine,so I loved it and thought to write a fiction

  14. Reetika

    Hey! I am back., I have many days for exam. Received my timetable just now. So I will study hard. Della and ananya have become my new friends and I have started knowing u all. I am happy. Me and Priyanka will continue the ff after episode 25 as continuation, but only after 22nd March

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