Reporters season 2 episode 21


next morning kabeer asks annanya to pack his stuff as he has to attend a board meeting in Dubai ,annanya asks is it necessary cause it is the first time he is leaving city after marriage,kabeer replies yes and ask her to take care of herself,kabeer thanks annanya for such a beautiful gift at christmass,annanya says what if the little kabeer is as stubborn as him?kabeer says then they,ll find another annanya for him,who can standup to anyone.kabeer starts leaving annanya waves him goodbye but then turns back and runs to hug him,he says he,ll be back in 2 days.
at kkn sunny tells annanya that she is called by manav sir in his cabin.manav asks annanya to cover a lead on child trafficiking and child abuse at a restricted red area,he asks her to be careful,it is not going to be easy and don,t risk taking any child there,you,ll not be able to handle if they find someone with you.annanya leaves.

annanya thinks how to enter without inviting trouble,she sees a middle aged man at nearby railway station giving money to some child beggar secretely and asking him to accompany,annanya follows that man,she thinks of getting close information,but the man joins 5 others in a restricted area ,the child tries to run away,but the goons drag him saying if he wants to go he has to return all the money he took before,the child feels helpless and agrees to go with him,annanya follows him to a certain block,the man feels someone behind,he turns back but annanya manages to hide behind some pillar,she thinks it is good she didn,t come with sunny and camera or they would have been easily trapped,she follows the man to a deep dungeon,the man with his goons calls someone in,annanya hides,a man and woman enters the scene.the middle aged man asks them for money,the man and woman give a bag full of money,annanya records the whole thing in her mobile,the middle aged man says now this child is yours,i mean his organs are yours.annanya is shocked,she thinks to follow man and woman ,but she stumbles on a brick,the middle aged man notices this and sends goons after her.annanya runs short of breath,she finds a stack of containers,she hides in one of them,the goons pass by.annanya thinks if today the containers were not here,she would have died,she feels irritated and annoyed about her getting tired from such a minute sprint,she thinks to herself it is so early for her to be a mother.

annanya gets out of container and starts thinking on where the man and woman could be,she doubts that may be some hospital nearby or an abondoned dispensory as she looks on one located approximately,at half of a distance from restricted area,when she goes there she feels lucky to find the same man and woman there with the child,annanya thinks so it is about an organ racket not child abuse,she thinks but how can she stop operation now?khurana won,t be fast to reach here to stop operation,although i have called him,i have to do something to save this 12 year old.she thinks of a distraction plan,she enters the operation theatre ,and trips on instruments throwing instruments here and there,behaving like a mad woman and shouting with ferocity,the man who is a Dr. tries to calm annanys down and asks the woman (who is a nurse) to take her from there or she,ll destroy our work.the nurse tries to catch annanya but annanya pushes her away ,and turns the bed on which child is lying upside down making him conscious.nurse says she is mad,i,ll give her an injection ,we,ll take out her organs too,dr. says but she destroyed our whole operation theatre,the nurse tries to give her an injection but annanya throwsaway the injection,the dr. hits a vase on her head and says it,ll calm her.annanya falls unconscious.khurana enters in the mean time and arrests the dr..he takes annanya to hospital.

annanya wakes up in hospital with khurana standing on bedside who is about to call kabeer,annanya stops him saying he,ll be worried unnecessarily as it is not the first time she has to be in hospital because of some goons,khurana laughs and says that her leads will promote inspector khurana to acp khurana.

annanya asks the lady dr. about her discharge,she replies you can leave even now but you should be very thankful to your unborn child for it,

when mother,s cells start dying in a shock the foetus sends it,s own cells through bloodstream to help the mother,that is the sameway when her brain cells were in shock her baby helped her in fast recovery,indeed being a mother is the biggest blessing.

annanya feels sorry that what was she thinking of being a mother and what really is it to be.she closes her eyes and imagines kabeer playing with a baby and then the baby going to school,kabeer picking his child up in the air ,annanya buying a lot of toys for her baby,and her baby growing up,her child doing well in studies and sports,her child getting married,annanya getting old,playing with her grand children and her child supporting her when she becomes unable to walk alone,she opens her eyes and gives a sigh of releif.

At kkn baby gets worried seeing annanya bandaged,sunny says kabeer sir will fire him ,if he gets to know in his abscence we did not take care of you.annanya smiles and gives footage to manav.
at 8:00 p.m richa starts her broadcast with the Dr.s people consider to be Gods messengers,how can they be so crue that they forget the oath they took to protect people,who they are to snatch is about an organ racket where people are taking advantage of child beggars.daljeet plays the footage which annanya captured.where richa gives whole credit to senior reporter annanya.
All congratulate annanya for her story success,malvika enters and takes annanya out with her,all get worried what the new terror is on their head.malvika asks annanya about what to wear,as manav has asked her out,annanya smiles and says she,ll make her ready.malvika smiles back.

PRECAP:Annanya is with kabeer at a candle light dinner.later annanya goes to coverup an old age home story.

Credit to: Delima

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  1. Wao….really nice episode…
    super se bhi uper..yrr

    1. thank you very much tina <3

  2. Nice innovative concept… Mind me u r too creative.. ?? child trafficking issue was a sensitive one to highlight

    1. thankyou reetika with loads of love.

    1. thanks Barbie doll

  3. Your whole plot was amazing now instead of missing reporters we will miss your ffs. By the way the fact you wrote about mother and child , is the whole thing true?

    1. yes it is written in langmann embryology ,and gynaecology by ten teachers,when I studied these lines for first time,i was very much sure what I need

  4. Yes…reetika u r totally right…della is so creative…

    1. thanku tina <3

  5. Thanks tina ?

  6. By the way Della how is the weather there in Roha?

    1. very much cold nights and cloudy days in cold breezes.

  7. Actually temperature here is mostly moderate but this time it is way too cold. You don’t feel like getting up early in the morning. By the way which type of serials are dominant on TV there?

    1. In my country,its all the time hot.

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