Reporters season 2 episode 20


keval,s punishment is called off by fine payment and he takes annurag to pune with him.

annanya wakes up fresh as everything seems so calm in the air,she tries to wake up kabeer by moving curtains away,but kabeer closes his eyes with his hands saying he was dreaming about his fat annanya,annanya goes close to him and whispers in his ear why he needs to dream when she is his for real and forever,kabeer says that is where God made him obliged much .
kabeer asks annanya to take rest for some days,he will go at kkn .he has a lot of work to look in.annanya says she didn,t become a reporter to rest,she,ll accompany.kabeer says yet stubborn yet beautiful,annanya tells him he didn,t remain that oldie,you remember when i gave you a love letter,how pale your face was,can i give you love letters openly now,kabeer says for sure but professionally,annanya says you,ll never change cause that is i love you for who you are.

annanya says it is christmas you forgot,where is my gift? kabeer says he,ll get one in evening.annanya gets sad.kabeer puts a diamond necklace on her,annanya excitedly hugs him,he asks about his gift,annanya says he has to wait and watch.

in way to kkn,on highway a child is shown selling christmas artifacts,annanya asks kabeer to buy some,kabeer tries to pay some extra money but the child denies,annanya says may be just may be somehow we can erase child labour .children are innocent then why they are subject to such a harsh fate.kabeer says we are reporters,we can only try to bring truth.the rest is in world,s hand.
at kkn,baby informs annanya about christmas party,annanya is lost in thoughts,she does not reply,richa asks if everything is fine,annanya tells her that children out there working at learning age,what is their fault,why don,t people treat them as their own children,i was just thinking it could have been my child if i was says it is a very sad aspect of life poverty,richa says it sounds bitter.

sunny tries to clean up the sadness,he says as it is christmass it is a good omen to gift to loved ones,so he got something for baby,but he won,t give it till baby gifts him too,baby tries to snatch but sunny runs with it,baby runs behind him,he collides with khalid,khalid makes a stern face first but then gives a huge laugh saying nothing is left in sarcasms,the real fun is in laugh,all start laughing.

at night,christmas party is going on,baby tells annanya about trisha expecting
a newcommer in her family,baby asks annanya about her plan of a little kabeer sir.annanya blushes,afterwards annanya
goes to meet trisha with richa and baby asking kabeer to pick her up from trisha,s home.trisha tells her that kkn changed its rules for her,now it also keeps married people aside from contract,it is very good that he and kabeer are married and in same profession,i wanted to rejoin but you know the child thing it doesn,t let me work fine,annanya gets worried thinking if she conceives then what will be it,s effect on her work,her only dream of being a reporter, what if marriage was not a good idea in reporters business.
kabeer picks her up from trisha,s home and asks her why she is so worried,annanya answers that it is nothing,kabeer says to her that may be she needs to check her mother,he will drop her at mom,s home.annanya nods in a yes.

anita,s residence
anita asks kabeer to have food,he says for sure.having dinner annanya does not eat even a bit of rice,when kabeer asks her the reason,she gets up and rushes to her room,kabeer tries to go after her,but anita stops him and asks him to have food she,ll take care of annanya.kabeer gets worried.
in annanya,s room anita asks annanya won,t she share her problem to her mother.annanya says mom it has always been my dream to make a good position in my profession,was my decision of marriage so early was a bad one. are children heavy on work?,can,t i be a mother and a working woman too at the same time,anita says annanya what are you talking about,children are GOD,s blessing when he is happy with someone he gives them a gift,annanya children make the bond of marriage strong,and taking care of children with work at same time is difficult but not impossible and never for sudhir kashup,s pride annanya,annanya hugs her mother cryingly.

anita gets to dinning table,kabeer asks her about annanya.annanya herself comes forward and says kabeer you asked about your christmas gift from me. i have a very special one for you,we are going to be parents.kabeer,s reaction is out of words.

PRECAP:while working on a lead,annanya runs short of breath cause of running from a gang she is covering on,she manages to escape.but she feels annoyed and irritated about her getting tired from a minute sprint.she thinks to herself it is so early for her to be a mother.

Credit to: Delima

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  1. Nice story della you have cleverly brought out the insecurities that a working married women has. You writing such a story seems like you are very vivid about the idea. You being 18 is just for namesake , you must be very responsible and mature thats why your husband chose you.

    1. thankyou Priyanka that is so nice of you

  2. By the why if I bore you with such comments then please do tell me.ok

    1. never sweet girl

    1. thanku sanyu

  3. I loved this plot a lot. Best wishes from my side. I am seriously missing reporters… ? I wish it starts soon. Thanks Della

    1. thankyou I am finishing season 2 on episode 25.

      1. Aww…why?

      2. I have to attend wards, annanya dear

  4. The way you described the hestitant behaviour that a woman has when does not want to become a mother was very nice.and i really wish that the kids there really overcome poverty.

    1. ananya thankyou for everytime.

  5. Very nice story…..delima

    1. thankyou

  6. Superb……totally amazing yaar,

    1. thanks alot

    1. thanks <3

  7. Why r u finishing the season 2?
    Yaar delima plz don’t do this.bcuz I luv the serial reporters and also ur story yrrr….

    1. my 2nd professional will be soon conducting ward tests and class tests ,and I have to assist my father in law in his work, and my husband is in habit of studying with me,,so you see I can,t continue ,I am sorry

  8. I think that every thing has to come an end but does that means that after you will never communicate with us.

    1. Priyanka in june or july, I,ll try to continue with season 3 when I,ll have plenty of time free from hospital work, I wish I will be expecting someone in my family by that time,so will try to come up with good have an Instagram id? we can be in touch that way

      1. Just continue season 2,from ep 25,aww we will moss this amazing pieceof talented writing.

  9. Dear Della by next year are you expecting a newcomer and actually like you I too is having my exams so I cannot afford to make an instagram I’d until march and after my exams I will be having a 3 month holiday and then I will also post my fiction. By the way please teach me how to post a fiction because I don’t know. Also best of luck for your exams. Do well.

    1. actually I have no hopes,can you pray for me,that I get a newcomer next year, I,ll enjoy reading your fanfiction,you can post it under submit your article,we have exams all the year except june or july and December holidays .thankyou and goodluck to you for your exams.

  10. Also one more thing Della if there are any buzzes around then I will surely inform you because there are chances as the producers themselves confessed to have reporters release in seasons and fans themselves have written a petition to them to start a season 2 with the same starcast hope that it happens.

    1. this sounds really great

  11. Best of luck for ur exam and future…..delima

    1. thanku tina <3

  12. Dear Della I really hope that the newcomer that you are expecting arrives soon. Also he or she be as sweet as sugar by words, like you are.

    1. that is so sweet of you,thankyou.

  13. But Della just for asking, shouldn’t you complete your doctoring first. You told that you have exams almost all over the year then how will you be able to focus on both the things. Otherwise if you can manage then it is great.

    1. I also want to complete my mbbs first,but you know men,he never says anything but I can understand what he wants,and if it is his wish,then it is my prayer to be a mommy soon.i don,t know if it will be easy to work or not but I know my strength is with me as my husband always.

  14. Yah you are right where there is a will there is a way. You know my mother completed her B.e.d ( teacher) when I was 10 and my brother was 3 but still she managed to do housework as well as her studies. She used to stay up late at nights studying for hours and hours and got up early in the morning to get us ready for our school.Time was quite difficult was her but still she stood 3rd in her college. You see If you are determined you can achieve anything and cross any hurdle in your way.

    1. that is great,you must be proud of her.

  15. Yes Della I am. She is an ideal for me

  16. But this was possible only because of my father’s support he knew how to cook because of which she was able to cop up with her studies. By the way does your husband knows cooking?

    1. no he doesn,t know any household work.well even if he knew I will never make him do any work ,he is my king.

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