Reporters Season 2 Episode 2


kabir asks arman about deal,he says if you promise to keep my sister as princess i,ll take you to secretly meet her.kabeer says no i won,t keep her like a princess.arman looks on shocked.kabeer says she is my queen i,ll keep her like rose petal.they show a light smile .kabeer enters annanya,s room from rear window ,she is sitting on bed with ghungat covering her face ,kabeer speaks his heart out.he says he has never touched love but she made love touch him,everything became so beautiful when she came in his life,he loves her and wants the same reply from her,say one time you love me?he is about to pick her enters room and bursts out laughing just then richa removes her ghungat and says ehm ehm sir ,it is not so easy to get to see bride and starts laughing .kabeer says that is not fair.richa replies even giving nothing to sister in laws is not fair and this is your punishment for cheating us.kabeer says he,ll call annanya and she,ll comeout running.he calls her name.annanya in her dressing room tries to get up but trisha holds her,she says no cheating,kabeer calls out again and annanya blushes asking trisha to let her go.trisha says deal is a deal.annanya forcibly says it looks sir you have to and richa start laughing.kabeer leaves hearing her voice,like he can feel her love in her voice.he smiles.trisha takes annanya in room ,richa and baby hug her and tell her you,ll soon be in trisha’s party,annanya tells baby it is not a long time till sunny brings her in our party.they start teasing trisha about daljeet singh,she blushes n they all three say awwww.
pandit asks anita to bring bride,richa and baby bring annanya in mandup,kabeer is unable to move his eyes off her,they sit down and pandit starts chanting mantras,he asks who is bride,s father?anita tells he has died just then khalid enters with flower bouqet and says whole kkn will do annanya,s kanya dhan as she has brought happiness in kkn and kkn is his child,they all tie annanya,s palu knot with kabeer,s asa.malvika compliments that the tie that is knoted with so much love must be very tight.manav says indeed and asks malvika about her knot with him.malvika is shocked with such a question she blushes and says kl is coming tomorrow.
they do pheras with seven promises of marriage and in each promise they remember their past how they have fulfilled these promises with love and good heart.kabeer think in his heart he,ll never leave annanya alone and will always be with her no matter whatever happens.they complete wedding rituals and bidai time comes.anita is in tears and about to faint when baby and richa hug her and ask her aren,t they her daughters?she smiles and adores them.annanya throws flowers back ,baby and richa try to get it but they fall in malvika’s lap .all start teasing manav.
barat leaves ,and reaches kabeer sharma,s home,kabeer,s bhabi and taruni take annanya to her room,anurag asks annanya will she bring a baby doll sister for him to play with him?annanya blushes taruni says sure annanya will have a team.bhabi says then kabeer will be a true captain ,all laugh
PRECAP:annanya is sitting on bed with flower petals all around kabeer enters room annanya gets shy.kabeer gets cose to her and holds her chin up and says she is the most beautiful Gift ever blessed by God

Credit to: delima

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