Reporters season 2 episode 19

baby offers bag with money,vivan says great now you can have your deal,baby feels relieved,daljeet starts live broadcast with richa on set ,he acquires footage from pencamera anteena ,vivan is shown exchanging dugs,khurana enters then he arrests vivan .baby and sunny take off their wigs,richa finishes her broadcast.richa praises daljeet that he has got brains along with muscles,he says but whenever he sees her ,his brain goes to sleep.richa blushes.

khalid says today baby and sunny saved the day,they need a big party,malvika says party is on her.richa says to daljeet tigress is in good mood,manav sir must ask her hand ,he,ll be given for sure.
kl calls manav to meet in his office,he says he want his son in law to be strong in finances so he,ll make him own of kkn on his side,but malvika is his heart,he won,t bear any scratch to her.manav assures him that he loves malvika the sameway kl loves hs daughter.

in court hearing,
keval gives statement against vivan,and says he and ishwar made him loose his mind,annurag is hsi brother and he gave his brother to taruni willingly as he was not safe with ishwar,he even says vivan killed taruni,court says al the alleges don,t seem to be true as taruni,s case was a suicide,annanya thinks she has to give justice to taruni.
annanya asks khurana to check her wedding video as vivan or ishwar might have been there for taruni,khurana finds vivan in videos going upstairs to terrace,he says this is an important link cause only vivan and tarunii have gone upstairs.

either the murderer was vivan or someone else hidden on terrace.khurana ransacks vivan,s house and finds taruni,s photo crossed with red ,he says how cruel a father can be to his daughter till today i had no idea.these things point toward vivan being a criminal but they don,t prove that vivan murdered her.
annanya finds something on terrace that khurana missed cause it was the color of golden border on marble lining the terrace,i is a gold wristwatch,annanya reads the brand name as frooyes ,annanya think to find a shop that sells frooyes wrist watches,luckily there is only one shop that sells frooyes.annanya tells khurana about it,khurana praises kabeer for choosing such a brilliant wife,annanya thinks she will not let kabeer loose his position.

annanya says but there may be many buyers as shop is only one and big much on it,s name.
khurana finds the buyer name as vivan and he says we found what we were looking for,they present it to court,and vivan is ordered to be hanged on 30th december,annanya looks at kabeer feeling proud to be his wife,lawyer tells that ishwar made kabeer sign the papers because he wanted to kill keval and blame kabeer for it,as no one knew they were brothers,but the game turned cause keval,s dose was high he got infuriated and he killed ishwar.keval is ordered to undergo treatment and his punishment will be reconsidered in next session.

keval goes out of court,annurag hugs him he will live with his brother now,keval turns to kabeer and says taruni was right about you,only if i had raised voice against my brother i would have saved taruni.he says he wants a promise from annanya till his punishment is over annanya will take care of annurag,kabeer assures him,kevals says but before that he,ll spend quality time with his brother.

PRECAP:christmas party is going on,baby tells annanya about trisha expecting
a newcommer in her family,baby asks annanya about her plan of a little kabeer sir.annanya goes to meet trisha with richa and baby

Credit to: Delima


  1. priyanka

    No Della you are wrong hobby doesn’t sees whether your married or not hobby is a thing which you like to do in your free time. By the way many people after a certain age when they become obsessed with their profession they go for choosing their hobby as their profession. Also i wish you and your family a merry Christmas.

    • della

      thankyou ,a happy Christmas to you too. I don,t know I always do things only when my husband permits ,and I love being his obedient,he will never allow me to adopt writing as a career cause he,ll never want me to leave him alone in dr.s business.

      • ananya

        Priyanka is right.your profession dosent have to be can be a hobby during your free time.u dont need to ask your husband if u do it during your free time.i mean im no one to interfere in your personal life,its totally up to you,im just suggesting to you…and supporting priyanka’s point too.

      • della

        haha annaya but marriage is a bond of two people our professional lives got mixed cause of our marriage,so career adoption is not an option,neither I can join a studio nor I can begin writing as something other than hobby .having medical as a profession leaves very much less time.

  2. priyanka

    Dear Della one more thing if you really want to know that your writing has improved or not just go through your fiction from 1 to 19 (in your free time) you will definately be able to measure your writing talent on the scale. Also you will gain confidence if you write more (if you wish) otherwise according to me your episodes are turning lengthy actually to the heart full of satisfaction. Lots of love – priyanka

  3. Reetika

    Merry Christmas Della and a happy new year again. Hope you come up wid new plots everytime and quench our Fandom for reporters. Actually we all don’t know each other but what binds is is our favourite serial that brought happiness in our minds. U are lucky that your husband still loves you a lot even after marriage otherwise u know how obsessed other people become after marriage in other women ??

    • della

      yes indeed I am cause being a doctor and a lover are far much different but he is still deep in love with me

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