Reporters season 2 episode 18

annanya tells kabeer about what kl said.kabeer is shocked.he says because of him kkn,s repu is down,she has always been struggling to save him,this time he,ll do it alone and tries to go.annanya stops him and reminds him that i think so we promised to make our journey together,
sunny calls annanya and tells that vivan is going to invest a lot of money in a school building,he is getting fame ,it is all over the india will become difficult to stop him as he has got politicians by his side.

khurana tells kabeer that they did a mistake by not performing autopsy on taruni,s body and after her last rituals nothing is left to reopen the case expect keval,s statement but his mental status is poor,he has to recover fast ,doctor told us that the medication he was receiving was all foul vitamins nothing else so the chance of his improvement is fine but not fast.

annanya asks kabeer if laxman found something,kabeer nods in no,just then manav enters and tells them vivan,s location has been traced,he,ll come along.kabeer asks him to set his priorities right,there,s been a lot of things happening around you and malvika,you must take her to lunch,annanya suggests him to wear purple tie that is all what malvika likes purple.`manav hesitates first but then agrees.

annanya asks baby and sunny to come with her as these days they aren,t getting enough time to spend with eachother,they agree happily.

kabeer shares his plan,he says he and annanya will not let the dealers reach vivan ,baby sunny should dress up as sindhu don and sandy,kabeer says he can,t go as vivan will easily recognize them,annanya asks baby if she is ok taking this risk,baby smiles and says if anything takes kkn to a good level,she,ll be proud to be a part of it as long as it is the path of truth,sunny says he,ll help them as long as baby needs her,baby blushes .annanya says then answer must be always.
annanya and kabeer stop their car in midway to vivan,s stay house,annanya acts like a pregnant lady and kabeer acts to repair his car ,and damages it severely with smoke comming out of it,
they stop the drug dealer,s car for help ,who is a man and woman,kabeer says his wife is sick they need to get her to hospital,please help them,man ignores as he,ll be late but woman insists and takes annanya to car saying she is pregnant it is not good for her baby to stand thisway on road,let us take her to hospital i saw a small one on way ,it is nearby.

kabeer thinks to himself baby sunny would have reached there as drug peddlers,kabeer says sorry we stopped you,you must be going somewhere important,woman nods yes but nothing is more important than a life,annanya acts to have pain,the man in worry stops the car,when woman attends to her,she says she thinks it is time,kabeer and the man get out of says his wife will handle all,he blurts that it is bad to have women in such kind of business,kabeer looks at him,man dials some number on his phone,but just then kabeer makes him unconscious by chloroformed handkercheif ,
annanya handles the woman sameway,kabeer and annanya lock man and woman inside car,kabeer jokes with annanya that he really wants someone new in house,annanya looks at him worried,kabeer says from her,annanya blushes.annanya says then he has to carryout her all the time cause that big plastic womb is going to be heavy when she gets it in real,kabeer says gladly.

baby fixes sunny pen camera and says she is afraid,sunny says kabeer sir will back us up,don,t worry we are drug mafia.vivan greets them and shows do they have brought what he wanted?sunny and baby get confused as they don,t know what he is talking thinks the plan will be out soon,what she,ll do now to save sunny and herself.

kabeer calls khurana to do a secret raid there,even not his police faculty should know,khurana nods in yes.

PRECAP:khurana arrest vivan for running a drug mafia,keval gives statement against vivan,and says he and ishwar made him loose his mind,annurag is hsi brother and he gave his brother to taruni willingly as he was not safe with ishwar,he even says vivan killed taruni,court says al the alleges don,t seem to be true as taruni,s case was a suicide,annanya thinks to give justice to taruni.

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  1. Dear Della your creativity is improving day by day. But now how will you end up the plot by episode 19. By the way I wanted to know your age.

    1. you will see tonight, I am perfect 18.

    2. Della for a 18 year old,the way you write is fantastic.i mean so much creativity,ideas,and ability to attract readers,and a lot of them is just wow…amazing…great…

      1. ananya you are such a little doll,bundle of thanks girl

  2. Can u explain what does mafis mean?

  3. Can u explain what does mafia mean?

    1. an illegal association is called mafia

  4. This story is too good.. ?? mafia is a secret criminal or illegal organization

  5. Thanks Della but actually I thought that you must be 20 but well I must say if you choose you can have a great career in writing. By the way I am 15.

    1. after marriage everything else than profession is a hobby ,and even my stories didn,t remain the same Good and great,so it is just beauty of your heart, you saying this way for me,thankyou

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