Reporters season 2 episode 17


annanya says to herself they were look alikes,they must be related somehow,annanya tries to enter crime scene but police stops her,

ananya looks for some proof that can help her to free kabeer,she thinks of checking store room,but the door is locked.she tries hard but then breaks through it by much effort.she finds some old photos of two twin brothers,she thinks if one is keval the other must be ishwar.annanya hears a noise ,ananya calls out she hears some footsteps ,she follows footsteps and finds keval in kitchen,he is mentally unstable,annanya thinks that may be keval knows who killed ishwar,
she tries asking him but he starts shouting like a cry baby,annanya calms him,he is just able to say one word taruni my WIFE,annanya is astonished,she understands instantly that taruni married keval not ishwar,keval continues he killed her,annanya asks who? keval says i killed him,annanya calls khurana to come and take keval to his custody.

the court session begins,annanya is called by kl in kkn ,annanya says she can,t come cause kabeer is in trouble because of her,she won,t leave him alone.kl says it,s necessary.
annanya enters kkn,khalid tells other owners of the channel will remove kabeer from the post even if he is released not guilty of crime,you have to find a big lead to save him.
annanya thinks of something,khalid promises to help her,khurana calls ananya and tells her that keval has run away,annanya gets worried.
in court hearing kabeer seeing no one on his side is about to accept his crime,annanya is still looking for keval.

keval enters himself and starts shouting i killed my own brother,i killed ishwar.kabeer clearifies himself,and khurana is asked to investigate further in to case.keval is taken in custody.kabeer gets bail and runs out to see annanya ,she sees him and comes running toward him,she hugs him cryingly,kabeer says i told you i will never give you tears and i haven,t given you anything other than tears till now,i am sorry.

PRECAP:annanya finds a big lead about a drug mafia which is ran by vivan,she thinks it,ll end all her problems,kabeer tells her he,ll go with her as she is with him even air couldn,t dare to touch him.

Credit to: Delima

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  1. Dear Della you have written an exceptionally well story. But please end up the plot now it going way to complicated. Please keep it simple. But loved your creativity

    1. thanku Priyanka for letting me know.

  2. Also one more thing if you end up the plot then start up with human interest stories,they were simply great onscreen. Also we badly miss khalid’s sarcasms and also sunny and baby’s jokes. They are my favourite characters

    1. in the first episodes of my fiction and in between many episodes had sting operations and but you know jokes can,t be put in when the situation is very serious.

  3. Very nice and interesting plot.i liked the concept of keval and ishwar being twins.well done

  4. Dear Della, also can you go for Hindi dialogues . Jo maza Hindi dialogues utna maza English me nahein.

    1. I don,t know hindi,i am really sorry

  5. Sorry Jo maza Hindi dialogues mein hai utna Mazda English dialogue mein nahein

  6. Yeah sorry for my rude comments earlier. But u can show some fun element too to make the story a way more interesting. And ananya sorry for my rude behaviour. Please ignore all those comments written by me earlier.

    1. will give it a try for sure

    2. Its fine reetika.but anyways,i know that you are older than me,so you can scold me when u want to because some times i maybe wrong.

  7. And Della sorry to u too

    1. no need to say sorry ,I love to be opposed,thanku for letting me know what I missed

  8. This goes for both Della and ananya. First of all Thanks ananya for the clarification because Della didn’t mentioned that she is ending up the plot in episode 19 clearly. Della, after this eagerly waiting for your episode 19 and please after this don’t come up with any new brainstorming discovery or else for sure we are going to get a heart attack this time otherwise love your creativity.

  9. Reetika and priyanka,im sorry too if i have been very rude to you two.u two have every right to scold me and lecture me because im defenitely younger than u two.

  10. Well how old are you ananya?

  11. Dear Della, your sting operations were great in those previous episode, was not pointing towards them. Also wanted to say you and ananya sorry for my previous comments.

  12. Yah me and reetika are 15

    1. Oh u two must be classmates or schoolmates or family friends.but the way u comment(talking about your ability to write a well sentence with structured with no grammatical errors and such fine vocabluary,i thought you two were in the age range of 21-24 majoring in some form of english in english is really good priyanka and reetika

      1. Still we don’t manage to come up with good marks in English. By the way where do you live ananya?

  13. And how old are you Della?

    1. m 18 n married in progress lady doctor m in 2nd professional,that is why being married I lost romance sense almost n being an mbbs student I lost fun element in my stories,i was a short story writer at wolf productions before marriage.

      1. Where do u live Della? If u have worked for wolf production it means that you have a better knowledge of writing. Keep up the good work.

  14. Dear ananya this time I have to say that when I was of age I liked romance a bit more then I do now.

    1. Yup…i understand.

  15. Well thanks ananya for your compliment. Actually I had already estimated that you would be of 12 or 13. By the way me and reetika are classmates cum best friends.

    1. Oh no the way,do u live in india?and how did u know i was between the age of 12 and 13?

  16. Yes I do live in india, navi mumbai . your love for kaya’s romance and the way advocated your points simply expressed your age.

    1. Oh…interesting

  17. Dear Della my god aren’t you too young to be a married women and how do manage all things. I mean I salute you, your too great. I being a 10 grade student can’t manage my studies and you being a doctor manage to write a fiction along with your your work. By the way where do you LIVE?

    1. I live in rohi desert south asia,when you find your true love ,it never comes to age,when I fell in love with him,he already was in love with me,so he
      asked for my hand in front of whole college how could have I said a no? ,actually my husband and me are class fellows,he is my strength,no need for salutations,story writing was my part time job but now it is just a hobby and it doesn,t remain the same good as it used to be

  18. Also where do you live ananya?

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