Reporters season 2 episode 16


it is almost midnight kabeer leaves in his car leaving annanya in ambulance,he promises annanya to be with her soon,annanya tries to stop him but she feels weak and falls unconscious.
kabeer is shown entering ishwar,s house.

annanya wakes up in hospital,with richa and baby around her.annanya asks about kabeer,they both stay silent,annanya asks again and again but the ice seems unbreakable.she tries to get up saying she,ll find out herself what is the matter,but being traumatized she fails to get up,she feels sharp rushes to call doctor.

anita comes to hospital and hugs annanya cryingly.annurag enters and says sorry,annanya asks why he is sorry.he says he took kabeer,s sign on some papers saying these are my acadamey competition form papers,ishwar told me he,ll make me meet my father,if i knew it,ll harm kabeer i would have never done that.annanya worriedly asks what happened to kabeer.

arman switches on hospital tv,kabeer is shown arrested for ishwar,s murder,as his cell fone is found at crime scene,annanya gets up saying kabeer can never do that why will he do that.
sunny enters then and shows papers signed by kabeer in which it is clearly mentioned that if anything happens to ishwar,his property will go to kabeer,he says ishwar created a motive for murder but why would he kill himslef to trap kabeer sir,or may be kabeer sir killed ishwar for what he has done with annanya.

when everyone is asleep in hospital annanya runs out of hospital and goes to meet kabeer,police doesn,t let her meet kabeer,she shouts let her meet her husband but police says that kabeer sharma says he,ll not meet his family members ,annanya is boggled.

she thinks of something and goes to mental assylum,she asks about keval and she gets to know he is missing.annanya says to herself may be the person dead is not ishwar at all he is keval as both are look alikes.kabeer can,t do anything wrong

PRECAP:kabeer in court hearing accepts the crime,annanya is unable to reach to court as her proof goes missing.

Credit to: Delima

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  1. Ur ff is just amazing. I wish the original reporters would have had continued. I miss kaya. Hey delima can u share the link of ur older epi I wanna read them.pllllsssss

    1. ok sure

    2. well you can check other episodes under show sony tv finished serials and then click reporters,i don,t know but I am unable to paste links in comments

    3. well thanks for your appreciation

  2. Delima pls dont make kabir go to the court and you have brought to to that end,pls make kabir come out of it because i dont think any of us want kabir to be in such a situation.thank you so much if you take this into consideration.i appreaciate your considerative behaviour towards my suggestion.

    1. Ananya episode 19 will end the vivan story,when thing need to get better they need to be worsened first,jus all we have to c is how annanya helps kabeer out of it

      1. ananya u always support me thanks for that I really appreciate that,but not all people have same school of thoughts u can,t change other peoples and if there is only support and no resistance people become weak be blessed sweet girl

  3. Dear Della, your whole fiction has started wrong.First of all tarini is not anurag mother,she is her sister and this is clearly mentioned in episode 59 and your fiction shows that aanaya mostly flows with the air but in the main show annaya was a very strong and influential character.

    1. priyanka let me tell u that della has already meeeeeentioned that she will be making tarani as his mother n rest characters r same

    2. Priyanka,really trying not to be rude here.i understand that tarini was depicted as anurag’s sister,but delima brought in the new discovery and shock that tarini is anurag’s mother,bringing in vivaan and ishwar characters.u see,every time,the serial must have a problem that they must that delima has really brainstormed and thought of a new problem for the show to continue(ff).if u cant appreaciate the fact that she is doing this,either keep quiet and not read or be a quiet reader like many.

    3. sorry Priyanka but u can cee in previous episodes how clear the relation between taruni and annurag is u must have missed episode 9 ,the woman who stays with her husband in all times is the strongest of all.

  4. della your ff amazing i m a silent reader but could not help without comenting

    1. thankyou apoorva

  5. Apoorva, Della has made the plot very personal while on the other hand the show was more of professional. Thats what made it different from those saas bahu serials.

    1. well you must check all episodes where personal games are going along with professional

  6. Dear aanya me too like you all is a big fan of reporters but tell me truly did you all watched reporters just for the sake of their romance or also for their teamwork as professionals.think and then write.

    1. Firstly,my name is ananya.secondly,if u realise the comments on youtube of all the episodes that have some form of romance in reporters season 1,has awesome comments example kaya is so cute and whatever whatever.mostly,people around the world forsee romsnce more that the professionalism,because barely anyone comments on that.the reason why season 2 is so favoured of now is only because of thr romance and the marrige of kaya and not the proffesionals.this is a serial and has to have some drama if not love,but not any new channel,where the reporters will be reporting all the time.i have thought and wrote only.

      1. By the way, it’s romance and not romscne

  7. Kabir is an intelligent being shown. FIRST OF ALL, Kabir would never accept a thing which he can never do. When Kabir narrated his past to Ananya, he said Tarini was way more than a friend. He would obviously b knowing everything about Tarini, how can he b mistaken? By introducing the characters of ishwar and vivan u have made the storyline much worse. Goddamn how u all manage to come up with such stupid unrealistic plots? ??

    1. hahhaa reetika it depends upon minds how wild they can run

      1. So u want me to credit u? Well u said that Tarini is playing personal games along wid professional ones. Do u mean she is having it wid Kabir? Or ananya? ( not this ananya who is pestering Priyanka wid muskaan’s plots). Well I can’t believe your stories. Really if I say then u all have used ur talent (not sure) but this will NEVER resemble the true one because ur stories highlight only 1 storyline that love is in air and not the actual title ‘reporters’. Where they come up wid issues based on real life. Not evry1 watch reporters for romance. It is not a romeo Juliette show

    2. somthings girl u interpret by just looking at them ,nothing is actually the way it seems to be that is called drama

      1. I know that reporters is simply a drama but obviously in a drama they don’t keep on romancing like ur plot highlights. They won’t show something that is not true. The very starting off the fan fiction page someone has written a wonderful plot. I recommend you to once go over it and then write ur story sensibly. Instead of showing Tarini as anurag’s mother

  8. Apoorva and ananya if u don’t know the meaning of ‘concrete stories’ u must watch reporters season 1 again or dig up a dictionary. Whether we read or not whether we reply of not is none of ur concern.

  9. Stop saying that you are not being rude you rude fine then I am just asking you to change the name because kabir and ananya both are not drama personalities in the show so stop shaping their characters your way.

    1. Priyanka,my real name is ananya.i have not changed it just because in reporters her name is ananya.just because her name is ananya,does it mean that no one else can be named ananya?

  10. Can’t wait to see how you r going to continue…all the best for thinking of an interesting plot so that u get all good comments because I know that u r very good writer from reading your ff’s.

  11. Dear ananya, Sorry I was not asking you to change your name but to change the name of your fiction.I am just asking Della to end up the plot because it is a torture to read the all in the fiction are going through many lows and della your fiction’s personal games and professional games are going the same. Definitely can’t see ananya and kabir in so much of trouble so please wind up fast.

    1. Im sorry,my fiction?i dont seem to understand.and della said that she would be wrapping up this vivaan story in ep 19.

  12. Dear ananya , I am sorry that I could not explain you things more clearly. I thought you and Della are friends and you together write fictions. Another thing is that the trend is about putting anaya and kabir in danger in almost all fictions. This should change how long should they struggle to prove that their love and trust for each other is true

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