Reporters season 2 episode 15


kabeer gets a call from tinu that annanya is in trouble,kabeer tries asking location but tinu faints cause of earlier torture by ishwar.kabeer gets worried.
he calls telecom agency for tracking annanya,but they are unable to track her current location cause her mobile is switched off,kabeer asks for mobile gps route,last location is said to be andheri,mumbai but exact place is unknown.

kabeer breaks down,he think of absurd places where might be annanya,laxman finds tinu at an old sugar factory,kabeer rushes there thinking annanya might be nearby.

annanya is unconscious ,vivan says i won,t give her an easy death,annanya is hanging upside down above boiling water with rope slowly cutting down by a blade attached to a ticking clock,kabeer gets trapped in traffic.some one tells him the block will last atleast for an hour,

kabeer gets worried and rushes out of his car and starts running towards old sugar factory rawat mill though it is far away,kabeer while running remninsces hir promise with annanya his marriage ,he is lost in thoughts while he stumbles and hurts him his foot starts bleeding.
he keeps running,his inner self scolds him for leaving annanya alone.

annanya,s hair get in water,the heat wakes her up,she mumbles kabeer,s name,just then kabeer enters and rescue her by much difficulty,annanya is unable to speak and suddenly her breathing stops,kabeer tries to resuscitate her and by much failed attempts one gets succesfull,annanya smile,kabeer smiles back,kabeer hugs her and says he,ll never leave her alone.kabeer says to himself he won,t leave ishwar alive.

PRECAP:ishwar is found dead,kabeer is arrested for his murder ,annanya enters mental asylum and finds keval missing ,she gets thinking

Credit to: Delima

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  1. Did kabir actually kill ishwar or is it just an accusation?

    1. well that is what annanya has to find out herself <3 as she has to save her husband

  2. Sruthi kasyap

    Plz write it daily as we love this story and them

    1. I aslo want to write daily but I hardly get time even not on sundays

  3. When r u writing next?

    1. have uploaded next episode

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