Reporters season 2 episode 14


next afternoon annanya asks kabeer to take annurag from school as she has to go after bhoomi.annanya is unable to locate bhoomi.

kabeer gets busy in work and completely forgets about annurag.he asks richa about time,richa tells him he is 2 hours later.kabeer rushes to parking and goes to school ,he tries finding annurag but he is found to be nowhere,he informs annanya about annurag is he at home?annanya says no and scolds him for being so careless,she just got home and cuts call angrily.kabeer reaches police station and submits report.annnaya gets thinking,she says to herself how can she let that happem,she promised taruni,she should have taken vivan seriously that he can go to that extent.

annurag is with ishwar,annurag is eating icecream vivan asks him does he need anything else?annurag says no and asks why did di not tell me that i am your brother and why did you not come to her last rituals.ishwar says you will get all your answers once you meet our father,but first you need to get back home,he gives annurag his childhood photos and ask him to keep it with him.annurag says he won,t go as annanya di and kabeer will be worried about me,please i want to go to them and tell them that i want to meet my father.ishwar says ok i will not force you but don,t tell annanya about our meeting.time is not right yet.annurag promises and ishwar gets him near his house.

annurag knocks at door,annanya opens door and hugs him crying where did he go?he says he didn,t want her to leave her work so he weent to his doctor alone.annanya tells him he is her responsiblity and she,ll always have time for him.she asks him to freshen up and she,ll serve him food.

annanya tells kabeer about annurag getting home and she says sorry for her behaviour earlier,kabeer says it is ok when he married her he was not quite unaware of the fact that he has to bear this.annanya smiles.

at night annanya discusses with kabeer how to make annurag understand that he won,t be safe going to school,kabeer tells annanya that it,ll make annurag weak,he should be able to face problems,he,ll go to school but we,ll always be with him.

annanya gets a call from tinu that he has found a solid proof against ishwar she needs to hurry to mental asylum,annanya cuts call and tells kabeer she has to go,kabeer says he,ll follow as nowadays he is not having a chance to pick her up as there is no madhav who,ll get her ankle sprain.annanya says he told her that she is fat,kabeer says and now she has got lean so he can afford two annanya at a time.annanya picks up knife and says she,ll stab him right in his heart if he ever finds any other annanya.they both start laughing.

annanya says he has to rest as there is board meeting tomorrow,she,ll go alone for this operation.kabeer stops her and give her a small heart piece ,he asks her to take it with her,flower will be his kabeer all the time,annanya leaves.

tinu is shown tied with ropes,ishwar strangulates his neck,he says you were spying on me ,it is good that you have informed annanya that was all i wanted,vivan enters and says she is trapped now.

annanya reaches mental asylum and asks manager to show her visiting register,he tries checking ishwar,s name.she finds his name against some keval,she request meeting keval,manager first hesitates and then allows her,annanya enters keval,s room,she tries to his face,he has a long beard and mismanaged hairs.he starts shouting seeing annanya.annanya is shocked to see ishwar,s look alike.

someone hits annanya on her head from back,annanya falls down kabeer,s heart piece falls down from her hand.

PRECAP:vivan says i won,t give her an easy death,annanya is hanging upside down above boiling water with rope slowly cutting down by a blade attached to a ticking clock,kabeer is trying to trace annanya.

Credit to: Delima

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  1. Omg hope kabeer saves ananya….y so late update…any prob?? Thanks for updating was waiting for it….loved it…

    1. thanku was busy wid my new session

  2. I really hope kabir will be able to save ananya.

  3. delima please try to upload as fast as possible because it is hard to wait for 1week i hope u can understand

  4. Will you continue the story ?

    1. yup I,ll

  5. Please update next episode fast yar

    1. I have uploaded sorry for being late

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