Reporters season 2 episode 13


at an isolated building ishwar says to vivan how can i trust you with this deal?vivan says i have killed my own daughter cause she was in my way to kill you want any other proof of my passion.taruni is taken aback.vivan continues but what i want in return is my channel success so that kkn becomes unable to help kabeer after annanya,s death.that kabeer made my daughter a betrayer to me.i won,t spare him,i,ll make him my pet dog.he,ll lose his tongue that barks too much.he won,t be able to see annanya,s dead body even.

ishwar says why you need to be so revenge sick,you can create rift between them by may ways,above all taruni used to live in his house.vivan says i have tried that but that woman is blind in her love.she warned me even.what guts she has are very uncommon.ishwar remembers her slap and holds his face,blurting her courage is unnecessary.vivan tells ishwar but her fate is death only cause he has loved the wrong man.kabeer,ll get punished because of him i had to kill my own daughter.ishwar says but get my luxury back to me.why did my idiot father named all his property on a naive child.i even made him disabled but father was stuck so i killed my father also.but that taruni your daughter i gave her protection for 5 years and she turned back on me and ran with my brother.vivan says she disrespected my blood line and she faced horrors of disrespecting my line.i made her murder a suicide,she can,t even get justice in world after death.

ishwar gives him a bag of money asking is that enough,vivan says enough to bring kkn down.ishwar says he,ll give him more if he gets annurag on line with him so he can meet him and blinfold him in brotherly love.i,ll tell him he is my brother.vivan says consider it done.
manav is driving to home,he sees certain youngsters teasing a girl.manav gets outside and save that girl not by his heroic power.he shows boys his card that he got there faces and will show this to world how shameless they are.boys run away,girl thanks him and tries to go.manav holds her unintentionally and asks her about dropping her to home,as it is dark out there.she refuses first but then agrees.manav drops her at an isolated bungalow.

vivan is shown giving money to the girl.he day when manav enters kkn,malvika slaps him hard and throws ring at his face,manav is boggled.kabeer points at the home screen,a brand new channel on ishwar,s name is showing a photo of manav holding a girl,s hand.and caster reads it as kkn editor in cheif is misbehaving with a girl taking advantage of dark night.manav says that is not true.malvika leaves fuming.kabeer says do something or kl will kick him out,he trust that he has changed.annanya tells manav that what he has to say about that photo?manav says he saved that girl from goons and then dropped her home,that is all.annanya takes address and says may be the girl can say something.

they reach at the address which is fake and no one lives there.annanya gets thinking.sunny shows her the girl,s statement on media about manav.he says she is bhoomi,she is an actor.who trusts actor,s these days may be she is acting.annanya says let us meet her family.
annanya goes to her home and her father slams door at her face,that what happened with her daughter is much and she has already given statement to media.
sunny says that is not going to be an easy operation,

kkn,s repu will die out with manav,s murder by kl,he starts laughing.he must be thinking that manav had affair with his daughter for his position.annanya says she has an idea.
a sales woman girl knocks at the door,saying out loudly,sale on suits best indian suits,one free with one offer.father scolds her and asks her to go away.girl says please see,s wife ask him to let her see.wife gets out,annanya acting as vendor girl keeps a saree on her shoulder,saying this color suits you alot.she secretly puts a camera pin on wife.she buys some sarees and annanya goes with some money.sunny compliments her for superb acting and says sales woman is a good job easy than being a reporter.

they both check the video of camera,woman is showing sarees to man saying see how much easily i fooled that woman ,man ask her to shut up and says he,s in tension ,his daughter has sold her respect just for some money,she should be ashamed to do this.after all this settles we,ll move to a new town,bhoomi enters and says she,ll never leave acting and now she has money to start career,she,ll get more money soon when he sees success of my story on tv,you know father no man can touch me so slaps her,woman tries to hold his hand but camera falls.
sunny is dismayed,annanya says it is enough,sunny says but how,ll we know now who gave her money,we can,t cross question them.annanya says truth has it,s time.we,ll find latter first save manav sir.

annanya enters kkn,kl is about to give resignation to manav,annanya plays the footage,kabeer compliments her,manav says she saved her and malvika thanks her,kl says indeed kkn,s charm lies in annanya,vivan panics seeing video on tv,he is confused if girl names his company then what but is later relieved to see his part missing.

annanya says now we can cross question bhomi but are shocked to see house empty,annanya thinks they might have left cause of media troubling them.

PRECAP: kabeer comes to take annurag from school an hour late,but he is found nowhere.annanya scolds kabeer or being late to take annurag home.annurag is shown with ishwar,he hugs him and says he,ll never leave ishwar his elder brother.

Credit to: Delima

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