Reporters season 2 episode 12

next day while annanya is cleaning stuff in store room.she finds kabeer,s diary .she opens it and reads it joyingly as every page she reads she already knows it because of her 8 years crazy study on kabeer.a page comes of his college time,where kabeer writes his experience with some drug peddlers,one of them is vivan.annanya is shocked ,she says her promise won,t break so easily,first she,ll ask kabeer about it and then she,ll take a decision about it.she confronts kabeer about it.he loweres his eyes down and tells that he didn,t want her to get into this.annanya says she knows but he has to tell the whole story.

kabeer starts as october 16 ,twelve years back he was returning home on his bike late midnight.he saw some man carrying a girl forcibly to their car.he ran up to help her and fought with them.this was the first time he met taruni.i offered her protection,but she kept saying they,ll kill us both.i calmed her down,and then she told that her father is a drug peddler,she tried to expose her father,but her father captivated her in a dark cellar and she ran somehow.days passed she became my good friend one day i took her to my college farewell.i was dead drunk that time and some one told vivan about taruni being with me.

vivan thought i,ll expose him so he manipulated my car evily.taruni saw him doing this.she stopped me a lot from driving,but i didn,t listen to her.i don,t remember what happened but next morning i was in m.d hospital,police told me that brakes failed a woman saved me but ran away from scene.i thought it must be taruni.i called her a lot,checked her old home many times.but i could not get anything that is all he knows.

annanya tells him when he took seven rounds with her,kabeer sharma made annanya kashup his identity,his shadow,his reflection.and his shadow will never leave him.they,ll fight every evil together,but first we need to know what is vivan upto,he was here all the time,why so sudden he created rift between me and you?kabeer says i don,t know but what i need most now is a tight hug.annanya hugs him.

tinu tells annanya at evening that taruni married ishwar for her safety from some goons,but then ishwar started blackmailing her.she with ishwar and annurag went to canada.ishwar has made his own brother disabled,ishwar tried to kill his brother for property when annurag was 5 years old,taruni ran with annurag for his safety to some unknown place,but she returned to kabeer to handover annurag to best hands as she knew her father,ll end her story soon.

vivan thinks that kabeer snatched her daughter,he remained silent many years cause kabeer had nothing he could snatch,kabeer,s own brother was far away from him,and now his family is not here in city,but now you are the only thing kabeer has.ishwar is funding large investments on 365 channel to reopen it.there must be some tough deal.i got this info from his khabri jagga,he can tell more but he demands ample money to open his mouth.

annanya tells kabeer that it means vivan is making deal for annurag with ishwar but in this what is he getting ?and if ishwar murdered taruni how are we going to get viivan behind bars.

PRECAP:ishwar says to vivan how can i trust you with this deal?vivan says i have killed my own daughter cause she was in my way to kill you want any other proof of my passion.but what i want in return is my channel success so that kkn becomes unable to help kabeer after annanya,s death.

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  1. Oh they are planning to kill ananya??? No pls dont kill her…

    1. planning may be unsuccessful as kabeer is dere

  2. Please dont kill ananya. The whole story will finish then

    1. if she can survive shock she can survive anything as kabeer is by her side

  3. One more question…how many episodes are you going to write?

    1. lol…as much as my mind will keep going makin

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