Reporters season 2 episode 11


annanya is getting ready for malvika,s engagement.she is wearing a blue saree with a golden border and flower vines embroided in a beautiful way on border.she is having problem pinning her saree.kabeer helps her pin.they have an eye lock.kabeer compliments her.annanya moves away.kabeer keeps looking at her.

they drop annurag at anita,s home.annanya ask her mom to take care of annurag.anita blesses kabeer and kl,s house baby compliments them. sunny jocks that people will think that kabeer and annanya are going to get engaged not malvika and manav.kabeer looks at annanya and thinks to himself that i am sorry that i lied about vivan our enmity is not college based,and neither he was my friend.but annanya i want to keep you away from all,i,ll die if you leave me.i,ll tell you when the right time comes.

baby diverts kabeer and annanya,s attention to look at richa.daljeet is offering juice to richa and he stealthily puts ring in laughs that richa is going to faint like i got when sunny proposed me on annanya,s engagement.

annanya remninsces her engagement,and her fight with kabeer in name of her father.she promises in heart that no matter whatever clashes happen in world,she will never leave kabeer,s side.
richa drinks ring along with juice without knowing cause she is busy looking at daljeet.sunny starts laughing,daljeet gets confused.richa coughs,annanya pats richa and ring comes out.kabeer picks ring with a tissue and hands it to daljeet saying filmy things don,t work the same way in life.all start laughing.richa blushes and tries to go but daljeet stops her .he gets on his knees and purposes her.he says i know it,s only been few weeks i have started knowing you.but i liked you from the first day you slipped in to my arms.will you be in my arms forever?richa gets shy all ask her to say yes.she nods positive.everyone gets happy.malvika says see how romantic everyone is,and at one side is you who does not know even r of romance.manav says he wants to be romantic but i when i look at you,i don,t know where all my romance go.malvika pinches him hard.he shouts ouvh.everyone start laughing.

ring ceremony starts and malvika,manav exchange rings happily.kl says to khalid as your whole kkn is getting married and you have removed antimarital laws from contract,when are you getting married.did you ever get married.khalid coughs .he says no girl has ever impressed him enough.kl laughs at him.khalid says he,ll get married soon,kl says we,ll see.

next evening annanya goes to meet ishwar taruni,s husband.first he denies to say anything about taruni but then he agries when annanya threatens him about taruni,s murder case that he is the prime suspect.she asks him about vivan.he says vivan is his father in law.taruni,s father.annanya is shocked.he says anyone may have killed her as she was a characterless woman and that annurag was not vivan,s child neither her brother,i met vivan that day for my son annurag.i don,t know why that stupid woman ran with my brother to canada.he said that he can make me meet my brother.if i give him some money.i gave all he asked for but that cheap woman returned after 10 years and my only son does not even recognize me..annanya slaps him hard,she shouts enough of lies.he gets angry and ask her to get out.annanya warns him to mind his language.

annanya calls tinu to get info about taruni,s past and her life in canada.she gets home late and notices all lighs turned off.she tries to walk in dark, but falls kabeer holds her.he switches on light and annanya is amazed to see all her path adorned with rose petals to dinning table.kabeer serves her food.he says these days have made her lean.he misses his old fat annanya.annanya smiles.kabeer feeds spoon of soup to her.annanya feels it bitter.but she takes as if kabeer,s love is adding sugar in soup,s bitterness.

PRECAP:while annanya is cleaning stuff in store room.she finds kabeer,s diary .she opens it and reads it joyingly as every page she reads she already knows it because of her 8 years crazy study on kabeer.a page comes of his college time,where kabeer writes his experience with some drug peddlers,one of them is vivan.annanya is shocked and she confronts kabeer later.

Credit to: Delima

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