Reporters season 2 episode 10

annanya leaves early in morning after getting annurag ready for school.kabeer wakes up and does not find annanya by his side.he says to himselfit seems that his wife will always be his girlfriend.he tries to get up and notices a letter with rose flower pinned to it.he smiles and reads it as food is in kitchen.take shower and wear the black suit placed on right of cupboard .yur wife.kabeer says now that is my wife.and he starts getting ready for office.
he drops annurag to school and goes to kkn.a stout man enters the scene.that is kl he shakes hand with kabeer and announces malvika,s engagement with manav.everyone whispers to richa,when,ll she start her love story.richa blushes and looks at daljeet who is eyeing her lovingly.

annanya goes to meet zeus stall.and asks him about the piece.he says that is a rare one.i sold it many years ago.annanya asks to whom?
he says he has no record but the man had a bat tatoo on his left arm.annanya leaves thinking that if that belongs to annurag,s father and taruni pointed to someone in hospital ot.he must be in hospital cctv footage.

sunny and annanya checks hospital,s cctv footage .she gets tired seeing no one having bat tatoo.but suddenly she sees a man with bat tatoo who is non other than vivan mishra.he is seen talking to a man outside hospital,annanya recognizes him as taruni,s husband whose photo annurag showed to her upstairs.sunny says let us meet that old man to know what he is doing with mam,s husband?
they go to jail but khurana tells them that vivan got bail as minister helped,annanya gets angry,sunny asks then where we can find him?khurana tells he must have fled to canada or us.
annanya says may be taruni,s husband can tell them something.there is a big game,and he may be one of the pawn.let us check mr.ishwar what he has to say.i,ll find annurag,s father and will give justice to taruni.

PRECAP:annanya goes to meet ishwar.he says vivan is my father in law.and anyone may have murdered her cause taruni was a characterless woman.annanya slaps him.

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