Reporters season 2 episode 45

The episode starts with ananya receiving a call and going to the particular location given.She informs kabir and leaves.When ananya reaches the location,it is all dark and dusty,and there is only one chair and a lot of boxes behind it.Ananya checks whether the place is right.This man comes and welcomes ananya warmly.Ananya enters and sits on the chair.Then a look a like of taruni enters and says hi to ananya.Ananya shockingly stands and says ,”tttt…aaa..rr..uni?”The look a like smiles and says that she is anisha,taruni’s look a like.Ananya is shocked.Ananya asks her how she looks like taruni so much.Anisha smiles and says that taruni is my sister.Ananya asks how they seperated.Anisha starts that 19 years ago,when taruni was 5 and she was 8,they were playing in a big field.When taruni ran far away,anisha was left in the field alone.Then she was found by a muslim family,and that family raised her.Ananya is touched by the story and takes out her phone to tell kabir when anisha stops her and tells her not to tell kabir.Ananya asks why.Anisha says that kabir does not know about me.

Ananya goes back home thinking about anisha.When kabir and ananya confessed thrir love for eachother,ananya had promised not to keep any secrets from kabir.The house is really dark but ananya can see candles lit up.When ananya trips,she falls into kabir’s arms.She sees roses beautifully adorned across the pathway and gets happy.

When she is cleaning the drawers the next day,she sees taruni’s notebook and a picture pasted on it.When she opens it,she sees taruni+kabir+anisha written.Ananya gets confused and continues reading.The diary says that kabir,anisha and taruni were best friends in college.Ananya remembers what anisha said that kabir does not know about anisha.Ananya takes the diary and confronts kabir about it.Kabir is shocked that the secret is revealed.

Precap:kabir reveals his secret to ananya.Ananya is shocked to hear it

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  1. Good update.

  2. aur kitne secret hain kabir ke life ke .. my god and plz ananya ab suicide karne ki koshish n kare and no danger on both of them….

    1. Anshara i have to keep on adding secrets and revealing them so that i can continue my not gonna make this a news report by filling my ff with leads nor am i going to focus on kaya’s romance a lot.a mix and match of action,romance,thriller makes the story a perfect one..dont u think so?and i wont put kaya in danger.okay?i hope u understand.

  3. okay…

  4. Hey ananya. …….how are you doing? Quite impressive that u are doing well with the updates. ……. Keep it up

    1. Thanks trishita.i will try to update my next epi asap.thanks for ur motivation!

  5. please update little bit faster ananya… I m so exited what is the secret of kabir… by the way ur are older than me or younger than me…….

    1. Must be younger

      1. Im 12,u r?

  6. Waiting for next update.

    1. I promise i will try my best to update by tonight.

  7. Hi trishita! I know my ffs were not so good so not many people liked or commented. I hope Ananya’s is a good one

  8. So, it was a nice update. But let this secret of his be the last one

    1. Hahha…sure reetika.

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