Reporters season 2 episode 42


The episode starts with ananya and kabir travelling in the car.Ananya and kabir are having some happy moments when the car crashes with a tree causing ananya to fall down.Kabir rushes to ananya’s side,who is drenched in blood.When she does not reply,kabir rushes her to the hospital.After the operation,the doctor says that they couldnt not save the baby but they could save ananya.Kabir is heartbroken,and he decides to tell ananya once she is out.But before kabir tells,ananya finds out from the doctor and is heartbroken.After hearing about the accident,richa,rony,baby,sunny,khalid,malvika and manav rush to the hospital where they find out that ananya had a miscarrige.Saddened by the news,they try to console kabir and ananya.

The news reaches mrs kashyap,who is equally heartbroken by the news and feels sorry for ananya.Ananya,paralysed in sadness,takes a knife and almost cuts her vein when kabir saves her.Kabir,thinking of ways how ananya get over it,decides to visit his friend,roshni who also had a miscarrige.Roshni advises that he should try to distract ananya by doing the things she likes.Kabir agrees.He explains to the whole office(excluding ananya)that no one should disagree to whatever she says.Everybody nods.

Ananya who turns up at office starts doing her work without saying hi to anyone.This attitude of hers is pitied by all her friends and kabir.Ananya is given a lead on cases of miscarriges and she feels sad.

Precap:Ananya tries to get over her sorrow by doing things which entertain her.

Credit to: ananya

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  1. recap to kuch aur tha that her tummy is 5 month and kabir cares her

    1. Anshara,many people were commenting that ananya was alr pregnant,so i had to cancel ananya’s pregnancy,and this was the only idea i got..

  2. The plot is good. But it needs some corrections
    Firstly Kabir can’t force anyone to listen to Ananya’s demands
    Secondly, by cutting a vein, no one can die cuz there r no. of patients who are given iv, by connecting it in vein

  3. what about Ronny and richa’s relationship yar

    1. Their marrige got cancelled because i am made it as that rony is still trying to protect ananya because he still feels that someone is trying to attack ananya.

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