Reporters season 2 : Annanya alive or dead?


First I wanna say.. It was a typing mistake for the title of my last ff.. Its obviously season 2 and not season 3.

One day Lakshman informs Kabir about the arrival of some terrorists in Delhi. He has got some pictures. He shows them to Kabir. He sees them and gets struck at one. It was a girls picture from back. He inquires about her. Lakshman says he don’t know but it’s somebody of the gang. Kabir feels it’s Annanya. They start collecting more information. Tinu, who now works for Kabir gets their location. Kabir goes there and peeps to see a leader instructing others about their works. They were planning for multiple attacks. The leader pointed towards a girl and instructed her to see about the locations to plant the bombs. She agrees. Kabir suspects her to be Annanya. He thinks of calling Khurana but there was no signal in that location. He goes from there and informs Khurana. By the time he comes back with Khurana, they were not there.

Kabir comes back home and tells Tarini about his suspicion. Tarini says he was thinking too much. This can’t be as, even if Annanya was alive, she can’t be with the wrong. Kabir then reveals what he got the day Annanya disappeared. Among many breslets Annanya wore, there was one where inside the black band it was engraved ‘Will Come Back Again’. Annanya had left that particular band at that place from where she disappeared. That’s why he believed she would come back. Tarini tells it can be by chance that had fallen off there and it was not a messege.
Next morning Kabir received a letter at office. It threatened him not to interfere in their matter or else KaYa would loose her father just as she had lost her mother. Kabir gets angry. But then he got struck by the way of writing Kaya. It was written KaYa. He thinks something and holds the letter over a lighted candle. Something became visible on the other side of the paper. It was an address and a time.

Kabir goes to that address. It was an abandoned house. He saw a man in a coat and hat standing with his back to him. Kabir calls, “What do you want?” The man turns around and it was Annanya. Kabir was dumbstruck and he just managed to mutter, “Annanya!!” She came towards him and hugged him, “You thought I was dead huh??” Kabir hugged her more tightly and said ,”Never. I got your message.” Annanya pulled back and said, ” I have to go now. But tell me one thing, I know you saw me in the terrorist’s den. Do you still believe me??” Kabir replied in affirmative. Annanya smiled and gave him a paper and was going to leave. Kabir pulled her and he kissed her. She broke to a light sob and before leaving said, ” We will come back together again. You, me and Kaya. I know you have looked after her well.”

Credit to: Upasana

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