Two years later……………..
(On the day of Shreya’ s bail)
In the morning I came up to the breakfast table, where my wife was busy serving the food. When she turned up to me and said in her sweetest voice “ Good Morning Kabir “ “ Good morning Ananya “ I replied back to her. She continued “Dear, do you remember what is today ? “I know “for I already knew what she was up to. “ Today Shreya is going to get bail Isn’t it ? I answered briskly “Yes dear you are right”. She lowered her voice at once and continued“ I was wondering if I could just meet Shreya for once“. “ I completely understand your concern but won’t you share your sympathy with me? ” I asked her caringly. She started “ It comes to me as a sight of pity to see Shreya in such a condition , I mean we are so lucky that we grew in tenderly shade of our parents who guided us through all our paths, in our diffidence gave us strength while Shreya was abandoned from these ecstasy, there was no one to tell her the difference between right and wrong and hence today she stands on such poorly grounds . She made power, position and wealth the sole purpose of her life and now she is so much a solitary loon” it wasn’t healthy to contradict her and I knew this at once hence without saying much I let her go.

In the evening soon after my 9’o clock news we left for her some time later I stopped my car at her residence. Ananya nervously rang the bell twice or thrice at which I gave her my husbandly arm. The door opened and there stood a lean women smiling at us…………………………………….

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  1. Amazing, it was heart touching.

  2. First thing u need to mention who is I. After writing the whole plot, u say it’s Kabir Sharma. Though u have a very different concept, u need to show y Kabir decided to meet Shreya, as she was not his friend or so. Ur plot again is short. Before one gets a link of the story, ur plot ends. Although I must say, ur English is way good.

  3. Who is I u should have mentioned in the part 1 of ur ff

  4. Thankyou reetika by the way I am a part time writer and write articles for a website.

    1. I thought so because ur English is of top quality.

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