The door opened and there stood a lean women smiling at us.

It was Shreya. “Hi Kabir! Hi Ananya! What a pleasant surprise!”exclaimed Shreya “Hello Shreya” replied Ananya giving a feeble smile.”Oh! please have a seat and make yourself comfortable” replied Shreya. As I browsed the room I saw one of her old suitcases and all her stuffs packed giving the indication of her transferral “Well, Shreya are you planning to leave this place” I asked her beguilingly. “Yes, Actually I am leaving for Dehradoon tomorrow by morning’s flight” answered Shreya ”Then I guess that we are at the right time to say you farewell” cheered Ananya gifting her the carnations she had bought. Shreya thanked her . “So, How are things going at KKN? How is Khalid?” asked Shreya “He is doing well and for KKN everything is great” answered Ananya.”Then I Think that there is nothing short of amusement, Khalid is quite good at his drolly gags.“ replied Shreya in her monotonous liveliness we smiled a bit then a perfect silence choked the air. “Tomorrow is too early to leave ,isn’t it? I mean won’t you like to meet everyone before you leave”

An unusual sense of gentleness came on her face and she replied “No Ananya, not now there are lot more things I need to explore about myself before I meet everyone but I do promise that I will come to meet you once until then goodbye.” Soon after we left her house. As we drove home Ananya sat quietly taking a glimpse of the backdrop , a total sense of contentment came on her face, I didn’t wanted to interrupt this amity and hence I spoke nothing .And yet life was back to the monotonous rhythm with much of thrills and frills awaiting us…………………….

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  1. Nice update… Ur update is much more mature

  2. Priyanka?is this yours?umm…who is the I?you are not in the show so..can u pls explain who is the i?

  3. Is it Priyanka? Yes or no?

  4. Sorry for my first comment. That was wrong. It’s not good at all. What I meant by mature was that ur English is good and plot is nice but it does not link up to anything

  5. Hey it’s not me who has written this ff,I guess that some link is missing here otherwise I loved the style of writing I mean using I instead of kabir. Impressive!

  6. but shreya to ananya ki dusumaj h to ye episode its not possible

    1. I agree with you anshara.”kabir sharma” or whoever you are,i appreciate the fact that you r writing a ff.Maybe it would be better off if you hadnt used I and just described what happened in the episode as a person part of the show(u can take examples from the previous ff’s and actual updates.).your english is wonderful.Lastly,i feel this is more like an experience you had like u write in a essay instead of bollywood hardcore serial.thanks for your understanding.

  7. Thank you, friends for all your support. I know that there has been a small confusion as both the episodes got mixed due to some technicality problems also I had thought to do something different but well I completely appreciate the views given by you all. And you all are right that this ff has not been written in the episodic format instead i have focussed on explainng the situation more vividly .But until my next update stay connected

  8. Also to all your suspense this off is being written from kabir’s point of view.

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