1 HOUR LATER………………………
(Enters Khalid with Mr Mike Wilson)
“Mr Mike Wilson please meet Mr Kabir Sharma, the business head of KKN” replied Khalid.
(Mike and Kabir exchange greetings)
“ So if I am not mistaken then you are that guy who has been entitled as ‘The King of Breaking News’, isn’t it?” deduced Mike. “Well it’s your ardour to speak to that Mr Mike” replied Kabir. “ You can suppose it, Mr Kabir, you know the only difference between a successful person and a mediocre person is that a successful man keeps on venturing in his life without ever deeming about profits or losses but a mediocre person keeps on situating limitations on his abilities and ultimately his progress but I am a kind of venturing person ” declared Mike “And now you are thinking that you are running the risk of collaborating with KKN ,are you? Well then I totally assure you sir that this deal will definitely make your money on” declared Khalid. “ I like your confidence, well now moving on to this agreement, our company has made a decision of accepting this collaboration with KKN which may continue if KKN is ready to accept the terms and clauses of SNF motors.” divulged Mike
(Handing over the paper of agreement to Khalid and Kabir)
“ I believe that jumping up to conclusions can prove to be a bloomer, take your own time and evaluate the agreement , then its up to you accept it or not” said Mike
(Mike smirks and leaves)

“Splendid! I am so happy that we have finally managed to grab this golden opportunity “exclaimed Khalid. “Ya, but did you notice something , that man behaved in a rather strange manner” said Kabir charily. “Oh just forget it, come on Kabir it’s time celebrate and this time you have to accept a treat from me” said Khalid. “No Khalid not now today I am very busy but i promise you that next time I am sure to join you.” replied Kabir. “Busy about work or Ananya” said Khalid sarcastically.”Khalid! you’ll never stop your sarcasms right!” said Kabir shyly.
(Khalid smirks and then both leave the room)

Scene: SNF motors office, Mike’s office
(A man in black with his back turned to Mike)
“The countdown has began Kabir Sharma, soon when your ‘the charming dream’ will end and when you’ll turn up to reality you will be left to cry on your fortune, you will be revenged for whatever you have done to Shreya” said the man nastily.”That is sure to happen, I assure you “ smirked Mike.

Credit to: Priyanka

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  1. Its boring to view business throughout the episode. There is no element of romance and leads, so its not like reporters(the serial)

  2. I shud say it’s much more factual with no surprise element at all. No humor also. It seems u r just flaunting ur vocab by keeping the dictionary out

    1. Is it so?

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