Hi Guys! This time I am back with my another fiction. But in my ff until now Ananya is not pregnant nor do they have any child, please pardon me for I myself disagree of having kids too early . This plot recounts things just after kabir and ananya’s marriage. So here it goes:
The next morning was again a busy one Kabir hurriedly stuffed things in to my bag and dunned Ananya to give me my breakfast “ Kabir, why are you just dashing at things like that? There is still some time to office” asked Ananya sounding a bit huffy. “Didn’t I tell you about our important meeting with the new merger?” I demanded “Oh yes, actually it almost got off my mind, so another merger advent, huh, I guess that we are not on the way of venturing our news channel with another Shreya this time” joked Ananya with one of those comical looks of hers “Neither am I, but we have to stake this after all its not just about news but also about profit making business where we cannot abide to have a low money grubbing spirit”. Kabir answered nattily ”Nice Mr Sharma but I am observing that nowadays you have turned quite unromantic “demanded Ananya “Why Ananya I am conforming your sayings that higher stake brings more work and responsibility” replied Kabir impishly.

AT OFFICE……………………….
(Baby seems to be upset with Sunny so he turns up to Ananya for help)
“Ananya, yaar please help Babyji has not uttered a word since morning” wailed Sunny. “Why what is the matter Sunny why is Baby cross with you?’ asked Ananya . Sunny recounted “Actually today is Babyji’s birthday and it almost got off my mind and when I happened to summon up this morning a brilliant idea hit me I decided to gift Babyiji a greeting card” “What! A greeting card! You are such a dumb, how can someone gift his girlfriend a greeting card on her birthday? She must have fumed at the sight” presumed Ananya. “Precisely!” cried Sunny.”Well in that case only Rony can help you out” suggested Ananya.
“Great idea!” stirred Sunny.

(Enters Khalid)
“Well Kabir, the new mergers will be here in an hour” replied Khalid apprehensively. “Who is the merger? I mean the person who is going to represent the merger.” Asked Kabir “Kabir please don,t give me freaks , I had told you that Mr Mike Wilson the directoral head of SNF motors is going to represent the company”. “That’s fine Khalid but why are you gushing up so much?” asked Kabir “Because SNF motors is a global company which has prevailed to establish its base in all most all parts of the globe and this is going to be the biggest deal for us ” replied Khalid.
Until they knew that a vicious bombshell was awaiting the deal…………………………..

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  1. Sorry…but i didnt understand much of ur ff.pls be more clear in what u say.thanks for understanding

  2. Woah!! Amazing plot!!

  3. not get the point what u want to tell in this ff…..

  4. KABIR SHARMA ( aka Silvia Gotfried )

    Ananya why did you stop writing your fictions? You all may continue your ffs because it won’t be possible for me to write it frequently because of my work pressure. Relating to my ff you all should understand that before writing any story an introduction to it is a must as such when you are really into this writing business, you cannot haphazardly start the plot ( as per to my experience).

    1. R u Silvia Gotfried? I have heard about u. U write good plots. I agree to what u say. An introduction is important. Good luck for ur next plot.

    2. Hi silvia,my exams are currently on and i would be busy for a i will write my ff aftet exams.tks

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