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He was Kabir. He knew there would be a crisis so he followed us. And to admit, if he would not be there, I would be chasing trouble. He had come in time to cover up my face when I squealed. I looked up at him and smiled. So grateful was i to have him around. He winked. I shifted my gaze to the scene only to notice that the politician had already fled in his car. The man too was not visible anywhere. Kabir asked Tinu,’ How did u get to know that the politician was going to come here? At Manu’s den?’. I whispered,’Manu!?’. I have to admit that I have heard his name before but I could hardly reconcile if it was him. Richa chipped in,’Let’s go to office and show this video to Manav sir’. Kabir agreed and we fled.

Meanwhile in office, Sunny is sitting in the café looking sad. Baby has two coffee cups in her hands, looking around for Sunny. Finally she found him, and went near him. He was musing at himself, and she sat next to his chair. She looked at Sunny, who was pretty reluctant to say anything. She finally stared at her own coffee and started having it. Sunny looked expectingly at Baby, for her sympathy. He finally started crying (he just acts like he is crying). Baby leaves her coffee and says aloud,’What’s wrong with u, Sunny paji?’. Sunny modestly adds,’Am I worthless? Am I not an able cameraman?’. Baby confusingly again takes a sip of her coffee. Sunny looks at her sideways and again starts crying. Baby, finally giving up, says,’Why do u think so?’. Sunny takes Baby’s hands in his own( Baby does not like to go much personal in office) and chided,’ Ananya never takes me as a cameraman while covering up the scene. She took Richa along. What about me? I don’t come here to merely fry bhahjiyas. I have always helped her in tough leads, but she completely ignores me’. Baby, trying her best to remove her hand, finally succeeds and says,’Sunnyji u don’t have to get so emotional. Try to understand. The less people follow, the more better. And she recognizes ur talents so she never asks u for such ordinary leads’. Reluctantly she adds,’Moreover, she does not want u hurt. Richa was also covering the same case, so they both went together.

Do u get anything, Sunnyji?’. Sunny, as if realizing the true intention of Ananys mutters,’Hmm. U are right Babyji. That must be the only reason. If u would not have been there to make me understand all this, what would I have done?’. Then he started with his own coffee happily. Baby asked him,’R u invited to Malvika’s party?’. Sunny looked up. He said,’Yes I am’. Baby, excitedly says,’Can u please come to pick me up? At 7:30 ,maybe?’. As if jumping off the table, Sunny said,’Cool! See you then!’. And he ran off to the office.

Ananya, Richa and Kabir got in the office. He said,’Guys, I’ll just make arrangements to watch the video. Meanwhile u can announce the reporters to come in the pcr room’. I told,’Ok’. 10 mins later, Malvika, seemingly excited, Manav, Sunny, Baby( standing much close), I , Kabir and Richa were watching the footage. What followed up in the video was the politician handing over the bag to Manu. Kabir looked up in the video more closely. Suddenly he was much excited, as if had won a lottery. He fled out of the pcr room’, leaving us shocked.

Precap: The politician as red hot as the burning coal, started shouting in kkn to close down. Khalid looked much sad and whispered in Kabir’s ear,’I guess, for the first time, I feel that kkn will have to close down….’

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Who is Manu? And what did kabir observe that he was so excited. …………curious to know.. ……………..really u create awesome suspense

    1. Manu is the wealthy patron in the local remote village. He is engaged in illegal activities, like the underworld. His location is never traceable. And the name is only heard by many, no one actually has seen him. Sorry couldn’t think about any better name!!

  2. Awesome suspense dude!!;))

  3. KKN close down?!?!!? Whattt???!?

    1. That’s a suspense, just wait and watch….

  4. Loving the suspense…..grt story Reetika…..

    1. Thanks a lot..

  5. Eagerly waiting for ur next story

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