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MALVIKA !! She had changed so much! Now her curl silky hair loosed down her shoulders, her blue velvet blouse, and grey skirt, with black high heels worked an awesome combination. Malvika as u all would know, had left kkn, when I had got fake email of my dad( it was Maya’s trick). With a warm smile, she came near me and hugged, with her caressing hands. I could say from the look in her eyes that she wasn’t the old devil Malvika anymore. She had transmuted. Now her hug seemed more friendly. She commented,’ You haven’t quite forgotten your habit of chasing any new leads that came in your way, have you?’ . I replied back,’ No no, not at all. It has been my passion, I haven’t let loose myself in this profession to such an extent that I would give up my passion’. Malvika laughed. She had lenses in her eyes, and had given up on wearing specs. When she first entered the office, not only me but others too could hardly notice her. So she quite silently went up the stairs to Khalid’s cabin and then to Kabir’s. Her amicable hand stretched out to me. I was stunned to silence. She said, ‘ I know I have troubled u a lot previously. But now, I have changed. I want to start my life afresh. I don’t want any rivalries, fights, enemies, hatredness,
etc. I am tired of it all. I know it’s hard to forget

all that I did to u. But, with apologies, I ask u, will u forgive me? U too Kabir’. Now her gaze shifted to Kabir who was equally shocked to meet the new Malvika. He didn’t know what to say. Then
finally finding his voice again he said, ‘It’s okay Malvika. We have already forgotten about it’. I replied,’ Ya. We have already forgiven u. Let’s forget about it and start a new life, what say?’. Malvika looked blankly and then said,’ Oh! Thank u so much! Both of u! I had been so
ridden with this feeling of guilt that I hardly

could stay back at Singapore. So I had to come here. And I knew my first job after entering kkn would be to apologize u both’. I smiled. Certainly she wasn’t mean. Perhaps the break-
up with Manav had affected her emotionally and mentally and she wanted to go far from Manav. And getting close to Kabir was her only chance to do so. But unfortunately, she could
not succeed. Kabir seemed to tap on my shoulder for the sixth time and now I was irritated much. I retorted, ‘ R u just playing with me? Tapping on my shoulder ten times is fun
for u, isn’t it?’. He grinned in a mischievous way and reported,’ Well I don’t need a special permission to play with my wife’. I couldn’t help

but smile at Kabir. He was certainly the best
husband anyone could have. Malvika sensed that we needed some time alone,’ I will leave u now. Tonight is a treat, from my side to all of u. I will SMS u both the address. Don’t feel so flattered. It’s completely me who is going to pay the bill. By the way,where is Manav?’. Kabir with his grin still intact said,’Manav is the editor-in-chief’. Malvika stood motionless as if she had been traumatized by a spell. She could hardly believe. Manav? U all mean, THE Manav Gupta?’ How could he?. Kabir finally interpreting what she was thinking said,’Its better u meet him. U will be much more shocked’. He is in my cabin now. She, in a very low voice mumbled,’Okay’. And left. I turned to Kabir and then suddenly all cam back to me, whatever lead I was working on. I glanced at my watch. Half past 10!? Oh Gosh! I need to hurry. I promised Tinu. Without wishing him a good bye , I left.

Richa accompanied me in this lead. Ayesha Verma was a girl of wealthy politician, who lived in posh area around Delhi. Her body was found in some remote village, encircled by bushes, as thick as the wild grass in jungle. We reached the spot. Clearly the body was put on street by some commoner for the police to evaluate, for the police had put restriction barriers around it. We covered the tape of the body from outside. I got an unexpected call from Tinu. He whispered on the phone,’ I want u to come to the back of this village. There’s something here, that might interest u’. Without speaking much, he hung up. Old Tinu! His habit wan not uncommon. He many a times hung up his phone in middle of the conversation, leaving me puzzled. I left the location along with Richa and entered the wild bush. I was completely focussing on Tinu’s location. Luckily my phone has a GPS so I can easily track Tinu. I could hear Richa’s questions resounding,’ Where r we going? What’s up? Would u mind sharing it with me? Ananya!’. I wasn’t listening. Finally I hushed her. We reached the location and i spotted Tinu there. In a whisper,’ Tinu!!’. He looked up and he pointed to the hut. I sat next to Tinu in the woods, followed by Richa.

There was Virendra Verma! The father of Ayesha Verma! What is he doing here? I saw him give a bag, presumably full of money to a man, who looked much like a villain himself. Tinu whispered,’ The villain like man is known to be the most powerful man of this village. He has indulged in many illegal activities, unnoticed by police. I was listening as well as keeping an intent watch on them, something that could give me a clue that he was involved in his child’s murder. But there wasn’t any clue. Richa was taping it all silently. Unless an insect bit me. I couldn’t help but scream. Suddenly, I felt someone’s hand on my shoulders. I knew I was dead. So felt Richa and Tinu. We couldn’t escape as we would be spotted. I turned back in terror, until I noticed who he was….

Precap: I, Richa, Sunny, Manav, Malvika, Kabir and Baby were now closely watching the footage Richa had shot. Kabir jumped in excitement. He made a miraculous discovery after watching the footage..

Credit to: Reetika

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      2. Ohh right! I am sorry! This was much lengthy, I agree. I’ll make sure I don’t write so much

  2. It’s awesome reetika

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