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Kabir and I reached office the next office. The convenient 3-days Christmas vacation had already come to an end. He whispered in a hush tone,’I should reckon that I would fall asleep while working, after having such a heavy breakfast’. I replied back,’U should because u urself said that u wanted some delicious breakfast to relinquish so I didn’t know about any such except for missal pav’. Is sat next to Richa. She has lost a lot of ounces during her power yoga sessions. Now her eyes have a unique hazel shine, that quite elaborately conveys that I am active. I enquired,’What’s up?’. Richa looked up to me and hugged me happily. Then she emanated everything out,’Manav sir has asked me to give the details of murder of a girl named Ayesha’. I was quite perplexed because any news of crime was first reported by my stinger Tinu. I doubted whether he had given up on his job. I called him and asked him,’What’s wrong with you?’. Tinu quite plainly replied,’Nothing Madamji. Why, what happened?’.

I shot back,’Nothing? Well then didn’t u receive any news of the murder of Ayesha?’. Tinu smiled(well sometimes I hate when he smiles when I am pretty much serious on an issue),’ Oh! I am working on the lead. This murder is highly political’. I was much angry by now,’ What do u mean by “highly political “?’ He said,’ There’s no news that Tinu is not aware of. I thought it was a rumour when Tinu’s friends told him. So I went to check out the truth and Tinu confirms it that it is political. You should check it out urself Madamji’. I had to give up. At the burst of my anger balloon, I replied,’Alright then, I am coming. Meet me by 15 minutes to our usual spot’. I stood up and went to Manav sir’s cabin. He quite warmly ushered me in and I shared my news tale with
him. He seemed to be engrossed in my reports

and finally gave me the permission to check out the particulars of the case. His last words before I could go out of the cabin was,’ All the best. I know you will do it. Take care of urself’. I
came out and glanced up to Kabir’s cabin and thought it would be better if I informed him. I went up the stairs and got in his cabin. Some woman was already seated opposite his chair. I
had no time to waste. Without enquiring who she was, I broke into their conversation and told him,’ I am going to cover the case of the
murder of Ayesha which I presume has got to
have a connection with politics or political member’. Kabir said,’Alright dear, take care’. The woman seated also wished,’ Take care’.

The voice sounded so familiar. I couldn’t
reckon who she was until she turned her chair and I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. I knew I was gaping right then. She was….

Precap: I was watching silently from the woods to the illegal activity going on. Then suddenly, something bit me and I cried out loud. Ohh shit!! I was dead….

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Oh shit I’m dead Whatttt?!?!? Omg omg u create suspense so well- from diya

    1. That’s a surprise! Thanks a lot ?

  2. Interesting….curious to know who is that lady….amazing talent reetika

    1. Aww!! Thank u so much!!

  3. Amazing suspense, feels like I am reading Angels and Demons in the form of reporters…

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