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The air squashed around me as i stood by the line to receive Kabir. Kabir’s perfervid story can’t control the emotions of any strong person. So here he comes,putting on a luminous smile across his pretty face and rushing over to meet me. I bet I could not control myself too. I immediately hugged him ,so did he, but mine was more stronger, perhaps I was still fiery after reading his diary. His sixth sense was fully awake, that prompted him to ask me,’What happened dear?’. I was perplexed enough to say anything. Finally the reply managed to come out,’Nothing. I was just excited to see u’. Kabir remarked,’Is that so? I can sense when u r excited and when not. Anyway it’s ur wish to say it to me or not’. I leaded the way to the taxi,waiting ardently for us, and we headed on our way home. The sweet smelling arbours, lined in between the roadside,just completely carried the aroma all around, and spreading like huge wings, finally reached me, entrapping me in its freshness, and I conveniently forgot all about the diary. I reached home and started unpacking his belongings and putting them in correct squadron of dresses( as I did say earlier, in matters of cleanliness I was much more particular and could not bare a single speck of dirt around).

Life is a huge journey, and we r merely the travellers who r discovering the fascination it bears within itself, at each level of it’s wide expanse. I know that this question may arise that why have I suddenly gone in a philosophical mode, well, u can’t blame me, once I am encircled in my own thoughts, even a reputed psychologist can’t get me out of it. Kabir finally poked me for the last time, and I got out of my train of thoughts. I felt miniscule pain on my left shoulder until I realized that he poked me for 5-6 times and was completely exhausted. He said,’ You r not in ur senses today. Now I do want to know what’s up with u?’. I don’t know…

Precap: I am a perfect gossip and could barely contain the amusement of reading his diary and had to spill it out to Richa. Her reaction was confusing, as though she could not believe at all. I reckoned that she had her own story about Kabir’s life. She mumbled,’I am not sure all that u said is true..’

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Nice. Your vocab is fab as usual. And story line is perfect. I guess I should stop writing because readers favor your ff -message. from diya

    1. No no not at all!! Diya, u r 6 and imagine how much u can write at such a tender age. I am 15 and I write such stories and look at the other side: u being 6 can turn up such fantastic plots!! So, u r like vivaan, talented much more earlier than usual age!!

  2. Great….amazing story line…waiting for next episode…

    1. Thank you

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