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Kabir’s diary is like a descriptive essay that highlights a poor middle class family’s hardships and obstacles faced by them. It read that his father Mr.Rajesh Sharma was a lieutenant in a govt Dept. His boss would treat him in too high-handed fashion. That would completely exasperate him and so he had to leave the job. Kabir’s mother, Mrs.Preeti Sharma was a housewife who could hardly work much as she was suffering from pulmonary disease, and would become breathless if strained more. Rajveer wished to become a doctor and so he did stride forward,to support his family financially. But as soon as he got married,the family became vulnerable once again and Kabir’s father now had to opt for a scrap iron dealer job. He faced thorough exploitation,but this time he cud not leave this job. For that, he had two reasons:
1. His father wanted Kabir to be eligible to become a doctor.
2. And last one, was that he wanted to pay the fees of curing his wife’s disease.

But Kabir was highly inspired by Lokmanya Tilak who brought out the face of British’s cruelty in front of the commoners. This was much against his father’s wish of becoming a doctor. His father commenced his habit of taking alcohol(so badly that one could not work with him at all). Kabir’s mom died and Kabir and his dad were left alone. Rajveer did send some money every month,but that was still far less to be able to fend with the sustenance of their family. Rajesh became ill too such an extent that he couldn’t be cured. The doctor’s fees were extreme high and poor Kabir was still 18. He did various odd jobs to save his life. He sold newspapers near the railway station, polished people’s shoes, sold fast food and tried his hands at everything. But he could not save his father’s life, even with the contribution of Rajveer’s money. Kabir was left alone and thus finally had to stay with his brother who brought him up. He suggested too that he should become a doctor,but his passion for achieving his ambition knew no limits. He stuck on to being a journalist and studied very hard to complete his course in journalism where he met Malvika. I know I don’t hate her now, but he did mention her in his diary. He said that she was rich, and she almost every time flirted with him. He ignored her,but she came out of nowhere to trouble him. Once she even proposed her but Kabir, as constant as the Northern Pole star kindly refused her proposal and moved on to become THE Kabir Sharma

Tears rolled down my eyes as I read but suddenly someone kept a hand on my shoulder. I realised at that moment that I left the front door ajar while cleaning and almost completely forgot about it. As I turned,I saw Ma. I hugged her,maybe happily but much more than that, emotionally. I showed her the diary and I could c tears in her eyes too. I said to her,’ I always knew that he had struggled a long way to reach this point of success. But I wanted to know his story which I got to know for the first time(even if I had researched much about Kabir Sharma when I had a crush on him, I did not get much info).

Precap: I went to airport to receive Kabir. He hugged me but my hug was pretty much strong,maybe I was still emotional after reading the story. He said,’What happened Ananya?’…

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