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The hollow feeling began to settle in.. I took a leave for a day and Manav agreed to. While leaving, he said, ‘Sorry Ananya for having being rude earlier’. I gave a gentle smile and left. The tingy air cramped my nerves and sent a shiver down my bones. ” Calm down, Ananya.. He will always be there. Ronnie is here, watching us all and to cry for him, will make him upset too” I repeated. Richa met me while I was leaving. She asked, ‘Y r u leaving Ananya? Everything is fine?’. I replied, ‘Yeah.. Just a slight fever. Some rest will do’. She said, ‘Alright. See you then’. She left. I went home, knowing that a little conversation with anyone would make me worse.
I changed myself and laid down on the bed and decided to sleep. And I slept…. I slept.. I slept.. And I went on sleeping till it was 6pm. I reached home at 3 and this 3 hr sleep felt like forever. The sleeping beauty.. I thought. I woke up and saw a sms. From an anonymous number. The message read :
Open the door. I have a surprise for u.
Should I open the door? Or not? Or inform the police? To call police would be madness I thought. So I decided to open the door. I got up and moved closer and closer towards the door..
Meanwhile, Kabir glanced at my seat and asked Malvika, who was standing next to him, ‘Where is Ananya?’. She replied, ‘Oh! I got to know from Manav that she took a day off. God knows what happened to her’. Kabir wished that I would be alright.
I walked slowly towards the door. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Kabir. I answered, ‘Hello?’. Kabir spoke on the other line, ‘Honey, r u okay? R u ill? Should I come home?’. I replied, ‘No really. I am fine now’. I forgot to cut my call and Kabir muttered to himself, ‘I guess she must have forgotten to hung up. As he was about to cut the call, I opened the door and exclaimed,’ Ahhhhh!!!!!! ‘. Kabir panicked on the other side

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  1. Omg I thought it was kabeer but the next part made me think………..then who was on the door?????………….. very curious 2 noe………….would be waiting

    1. I am glad that you liked it!!

  2. Fabulous reetika

    1. Thank you Kritika

  3. Guys?? How’s the story?

  4. Suspense…..loving it….great job Reetika…

    1. Thanks Aparrna

  5. I thought it was kabir at the door and then as I read on then I thought who could it be??? Its very nice reetika didi! I’m so sorry I was rude to you earlier.

  6. Update the next episode fast Reetika….I m not able to take the curiosity… Plz

    1. Alright alright…. 😉

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