Reporters aberrant 23

The biggest clue was identified. Yet I needed to know who was the crook behind this conspiracy. Kabir offered me help and I accepted it. Sunny said he had a friend who works in abtak news channel. The friend’s name
was Mahinder. Sunny called him, ‘Hi Mahinder
paji! Ki gal? Sab changa?’. I punched Sunny on his hand and he immediately retreated, ‘Sorry, I need your help’. He explained him our plan to capture the real conspirator. Mahinder replied,
‘Sorry but I can’t do this. My job will be in danger’. I said, ‘U don’t have to worry about that. I assure you’. Finally he agreed.
Mahinder wrote the code ABTK16 on a piece

of paper and put that in his file. He gave the file to his boss who was busy calling Mahinder to complete the file as soon as possible. The boss opened the file and went over the papers and
found the code staring right at him. He was shocked. How did Mahinder get this? Could he possibly be Richa’s relative or something? Without wasting much time, he confronted
Mahinder, ‘How did u get this code? Huh?’. Mahinder got up and replied, ‘Sorry sir, that must have come in there by mistake’. The boss shouted, ‘How did u get this!?! Answer my
question now!!!!’. Soon the tv in his office showed Kabir giving out this news, ‘Richa Lakhani, was sent a threat on the number ABTK16’. Now the boss grabbed Mahinder’s
collar and said, ‘U gave out the news to him, didn’t you?’. Kabir continued, ‘… Our sources tell us that ABTK stands for Abtak channel. 16
stands for the whole 16 years that it has
completed. But unfortunately, this might be the last year for them’. The boss got infuriated. He left the office and made his way to kkn.

Khalid came enquiringly and I explained the
entire matter to him. He agreed to our plan. The boss came in kkn and was greeted by Khalid. The boss said, ‘Oh Khalid! It’s so good to finally see you. I have missed u so much. I never knew
that a simple news could get in between our brothers relationship’. There was silence everywhere. Khalid and this man r brothers?
Khalid replied, ‘Oh just shut up! We r just
cousins. Not real brothers’. Again a dead silence. Khalid said, ‘Why did u harm Richa?’. The boss laughed devilishly, ‘Oh! She is a very
talented reporter. Really. But a little
unexperienced to deal with threats’. I replied, ‘Richa is much experienced apart from’ u’ who just wants fame and power. Seeing ur brother
rise brings tremors to u. U pressurize ur whole
staff to do their best which they do, but it doesn’t satisfy ur thirst for power’. Everyone stared at me. The boss replied, ‘So u must be Ananya. Brave indeed u r. But u r just a mere
senior journalist here. A very nice offer I have, especially for u : A co- editor of abtak channel with monthly salary of 25 lakhs. How’s it?’. I
looked at him in awe. What a disrespected man!

I replied, ‘I have always been with truth. Truth follows me and so do I. I will never ever be with a filthy cheater like you! Ur place is jail. So now, I have a surprise for u’. Soon Khuranna came in
with his men and arrested him. Richa was left. She came in and saw me. I went to her and hugged her. Tears filled her eyes. I said, ‘I kept my promise’. She replied, ‘Thank you so much
Ananya. I thought…… I thought you would never forgive me’. I replied, ‘That’s what best friends are meant for. To rescue ur best friends from trouble’. She hugged everyone. She finally came
near that boss who was now already grabbed hold of by the police. She said, ‘I had warned you. Don’t mess with kkn. It won’t get you anywhere’. He didn’t reply and police took him away. Khuranna shook hands with Kabir and left. A perfect happy ending, I knew…..

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