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Khalid said to me, ‘Sorry Ananya’. I didn’t reply and left. He kept on looking at me while Malvika put a hand on his shoulder. She said, ‘Khalid, I don’t know what to say. I know Ananya will this wrong’. I reached the security room where every security camera was monitored. I noticed the one that was off and recognized it to be of the pcr room. There was a girl monitoring them. Her name was Alex. I said to her, ‘Hi Alex! This is Ananya. I need your help’. Alex looked at me and excitedly got up, ‘Ohh!!! R u the senior journalist of kkn? Sorry for my poor gk as I am new here. But u r in news today’. I was perplexed. I then saw my pic along with Richa on abtak news, our rival news channel. How did they get this news? The reporter continued, ‘The senior journalist of kkn is not within reach of ours. We’ll get to the details of this case in any moment. But the question still persists, “If reporters fight within themselves, then who does the job of providing truth to people?Such reporters of kkn news channel have the potential to harm others as well. R reporters like us, safe? Stay tuned to know more” ‘. I yelled,’ What the hell !?! ‘. I said,’ Alex! I need to see the computer that controls the security cam of the pcr room and quickly!! ‘. As if confused to say anything, she showed me the computer,’ Here. This one’. I sat down on the adjacent chair and ran over through the protocols. I never mentioned but I could use computer really well. Not a geek I can say. I cracked it!! I just needed to enter a valid password that could bring back our lost data. I began thinking of the password. Suddenly the thoughts reminisced in my mind, flashed at the rate of 3 secs. (Flashback) At Richa’s house : A message had popped up on
Richa’s screen with the code:
Again, (Flashback) :Abtak channel had organized a party in their office after completing 16 years of news service. ABTK is for…… Abtak, no doubt!!!!. I entered the password and the next minute, I secured Ken’s access to the pcr room. The display showed pcr room where Sunny and Kabir were standing. Oh yes!!! I smiled. Maybe for the first time in that day. Alex was standing by me all this time and when she saw the screen, she was stunned. She said, ‘Oh God!! U did it!! I wasn’t able to do that for the past 5 days and u did this in 30 mins?’. I replied, ‘It’s okay. U r doing a great job. But u need to be careful with the firewalls that u put, alright?’. She nodded and I left.
I went straight to Kabir’s cabin. He said, ‘Hi Ananya! R u ok?’. He came up to me and put his hands on my shoulders. I replied, ‘I am fine, and so will u be after u hear this’. He was inquisitive to know. I replied,’ I restored the access to… ‘. He said impatiently,’ Access to what..? ‘. I said,’ Access to….. Pcr room’s camera!!! ‘. He smiled. A sigh of satisfaction swept over his face. He replied,’ Wow!! How did that happen? ‘. I explained him my theory and he started clapping. I was literally blushing. He said,’ Ananya u r amazing! Divine!! ‘. I hugged him happily.
Malvika got the news and she announced,’ Hey Guys! Good news. Our most devoted and sincere journalist Ananya has finally secured kkn’s access to the security cam of the pcr room!! ‘. Everyone started clapping. But u had more business to do. I had to rescue my best friend. I can’t waste much time.

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Great work. ………..I was so keen to know that I cudn’t stop reading. ………..plz update the next part fast

  2. nice episode…its asusual awesome…keep it up reetika…how was ur boards exam…so now if I am not wrong then u r in class 11th which stream u choosed???(I am here after long time I hope u didn’t forgot me)…

    1. Oh of course I’ve not forgotten u. And yes I am in 11th now. I have chosen science. Board results are yet to be declared. But I expect some miracle… ;))

  3. Reetika,… Wow!!! It’s so….. So nice

  4. Hey Reetika….no words for this episode only…plz update the next episode fast….I think I can’t sleep until I know wats gonna happen….so damn curious

    1. Ho wow!! Thanks a ton?✌

  5. This one is great

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