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Keep calm…. I repeated myself. Different sort of thoughts flashed in my mind. But I had to focus. I got up early and reached office at 9. As soon as I entered the office, I went straight away to pcr room. I checked the security cam for any clue. Sadly,.. None. I started reminiscing the moment when the incident happened. Richa had hit me with something much solid, that could faint anyone. I looked around for something that would do so,… a rod. Surely the rod, Richa must not have carried it all along from her home. I saw the rod lying below the table. It must have been somewhere in kkn.
Meanwhile, Kabir had got up late. He started searching for me in his house. Later, he saw my note that read:

Sorry Kabir I had to leave without u. I had to reach office early so I didn’t bother u. I hope u don’t mind. Urs, truly Ananya.
Kabir smiled after reading the note. He knew I can’t miss a trail that leads up to a case. He reached office at 10. When he reached, he saw everyone rushing. He enquired Baby, ‘What’s happening?’. Baby replied, ‘Good morning sir. Khalid sir has convened a board meeting. It will begin in 10 mins. Kabir nodded and left towards his cabin.

Khalid was strolling here and there in tension. He was still reminiscing all that happened in kkn. Not anymore,… He muttered. Khalid got a phone call and Khalid said to the caller, ‘Yeah, I’ll hand her over to u. But please make sure u don’t hurt her. She has not done anything and I am one hundred percent sure’. He hung up the call and said aloud to himself, ‘Alright Khalid. Let’s do it’. He took a deep breath and left for the board meeting.

Khalid came in and without giving any reason as to why a sudden board meeting was held he started yelling, ‘Who all is behind this conspiracy? Who all have the guts to harm kkn members!?!!’. He was much angry. Richa gave me a sharp look but then Khalid continued, ‘Before u all can ask what I am saying, I am being clear. Whoever is behind this conspiracy, I will screw them up for life!!! Am I clear now?’. He paused. Took a deep breath and continued, ‘I have never been married but I have always got the feeling of a father when I am in kkn. Kabir is like my child too. He has raised his sibling to the top. So has Ananya’. He paused and wept. Everyone began looking at me. He continued, ‘U all r like siblings to me and kkn. So in the welfare of all, I have to disown one sibling who is trying to attack other siblings, including kkn’. Malvika was tensed beyond words. Kabir did not say a thing. Manav was blankly staring at Khalid, fear rushing through his veins. Suddenly Khalid said, ‘Richa has been suspended,..’.

But before he could continue, Richa yelled from other side, ‘No!!!!!!’. Baby and I went to grab Richa and control her. Khalid continued,’Richa has been suspended from continuing to contribute her work to kkn. Baby will read the 8pm news’. Soon 2 policewomen came and grabbed Richa. Richa started crying at the top of her voice, ‘No!! No I did not do anything. I swear!!’. She called me, ‘Ananya, Ananya! U know I have been framed right? Then why don’t u tell them?’. I glanced at Khalid and Kabir, who were equally sad. I replied, ‘Richa, I.. I promise u that I would do anything to protect u. I would get u out of jail I promise. I won’t sit idle for a minute till then’. Richa cried as the policewomen took her into the police van and they fled. Baby was crying, so was Sunny. I had to work, harder this time…

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. can anyone tell me where is ananya and who is vivan???and about the episode its asusual nice…

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