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Baby and Sunny came up and sat on the two chairs adjacent to my table. I did not look up. Baby said,’Ananyaji, is there something wrong? Can we help?’. I was irritated after being interrupted in my thoughts. I got up and left. Sunny said to Baby,’I don’t like what’s going on right now at kkn’. Baby nodded as she watched me leave.

I went to the pcr room to take down notes on the case. Best way to distract yourselves…. I thought. Manav sir entered the room, without saying a word. He left after few seconds, but I hardly heard him leave as I was completely engrossed in my work. The next thing happened…. Ouch!!.. Someone had hit my head and I fell on ground, blood oozing out of my head. I was sub-concious, but I could hear Richa’s words, ‘I am so sorry Ananya. I did not mean to hurt u badly. I am helpless..’.

The caller was completely enjoying the scene. He was laughing, as hard enough to get himselves choking. But,.. He wasn’t watching it from kkn!! He was watching it from his own arena. He had hacked into kkn’s security codes to gain access to the camera fitted. Soon he was accompanied by a female companion who said,’Is job done? As we planned?’. The caller said smilingly,’Of course! How can it not be when there is such a mastermind behind it!’. The female companion handed him a drink and the caller said,’Cheers to us!’. But the female companion said,’No, Cheers to our conspiracy!’. Both laughed.

I got up to find myselves on my home’s bed. I was surrounded by Baby, Sunny, Malvika, Kabir and Khalid. Baby asked,’Ananya are u okay?’. I replied,’I am better now’. Malvika said,’Ananya, how did this happen?’. I wasn’t quite in the mood to discuss. Kabir understood my expressions and replied,’ Let’s discuss about it later. We’ll let her get some rest’. Khalid did not say anything. Attack at kkn….?. Malvika brought him back on earth. She said,’Khalid, today someone hacked into our security codes. We have firewalls but I don’t understand how can they crack it?’. Khalid replied,’Kabir is right. We will discuss on it tomorrow’. And he left. Followed by Baby and Sunny. Malvika kept her hand on mine, and said,’Take care’. I nodded and smiled.

Precap: In the editorial meeting, Khalid shouts at the top of his voice,’Whoever is behind this conspiracy will get it right from me. And I MEAN IT!!!’.

Credit to: Reetika

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  1. Guys! Do let me know how is the story

  2. Very curious to know who is that blackmailing richa….superb Reetika

  3. Reetika di plz update fast. …………waiting eagerly

  4. Reetika wen is the next episode??

    1. Actually i had gone out for a while. I will submit my article today itself

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